Sunday, August 2, 2015

Into The Woods

Into the Woods
Henry: "Bye Momma!"

Goodbye sweetie.


Where are you going?


Mr. Zachary
Zachary: "Front and center."

Go make sure Henry doesn't get lost.

Mr. Zachary
Detective Zachary

Dog Blog Post #1862

I hadn't planned on doing another Manipulated Monday post, as I decided to switch to taking my Sliders Sunday (another Flickr group) picture on Saturday and posting at the start of Sunday instead of catching the tail end of it.

And I did.

To see that picture, go back a day (here: Dog and Man).


Today's pictures just seemed to need something.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 2, 2015 - "Just Three Colors"

Yellow, Green and Orange/Purple.

Plus a slider here and there.

Daily Dog Challenge 1370. "Catchy Colors"

Mr. Zachary
Detective Henry - looking for Henry in... a tree?

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Flea said...

Dogs don't climb trees, Zachary. I like the hat, though.

Unknown said...

I love the saturation with these colors! Nice :)

Your Dog; Mind and Body said...

Very eye-catching. Nice job!

Furries said...

Henry, please don't go.
Great job at amping up the colors.