Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fine Feathered Friends

Sliders Sunday...

Fine Feathered Friend
Henry - looking so excited

Dog Blog Post #1868

Henry, with a bright orange and black boa.

As soon as I start getting out the camera equipment, Henry plops down in this spot.

And waits.

Henry is VERY patient, and will wait a very long time while I fuss about getting everything Just So.

That makes this pose - and Henry - very...

Daily Dog Challenge 1376. "Easy"

... to work with, which is a good thing, as today was Day Spat Day and the boys came home with the attentions spans of Very Small Gnats.

Today, for Sliders Sunday, I tried out the Crosshatch filter in Photoshop Elements.

I liked how it accentuated the feathers without overpowering them.

As always, clicking on any image will take you to a much larger version, which might come in handy today if you want to get a better view of the crosshatch effect.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1376. "Easy"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 8, 2015 - "Feathers"

Zachary was Slidered too

This is Zachary Catching Cookies.

Catching Cookies

Since I wanted to show off his feathers...

Catching Cookies

... which is what they call the long fur of his ruff and behind his legs...

Catching Cookies

... the camera is resting on the ground.

This was an easy shoot for him, as he loves Catching Cookies...

Catching Cookies

... and almost never misses.

A variety of sliders were pushed to bring out the texture in his fur as much as possible.

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Furries said...

The first photo is beautiful. I like how you made the leaves & feather glow.
Henry looks like he's thinking"Oh mom, why do you take so much time fussing with all that photo stuff instead of just petting me?"