Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Boys

My Boys
Henry and Toby

Dog Blog Post #2402

The first "successful" shoot with both boys - as in, both dogs are reasonably in focus and mostly in the picture.

The biggest difference between today there being a picture and Thursday there wasn't is that today Henry stayed.


It did take a few tries, which is why everything is shifted a bit to the right - I didn't get Henry back in exactly the same spot and I didn't take the time (and risk Henry moving) to recenter the camera.

Toby is still a work in progress, and is "managed" more than cued.

He knows that he needs to sit to get the Kibbles, but the fact I have a whole 1/4c scoop of Kibbles at hand (instead of just a Kibble or two) seems to be more distraction than he can stand at this point.

Next time I will switch to the training fanny pack (worn forward) and "hide" the Kibbles in there and see if that doesn't help.

Baby steps... or is that Puppy steps?

Henry is being a great Great Uncle, and Toby is as sweet as can be.

FWIW: I think Henry heard a noise in the house, which is why his ears are forward and he's gaze is a bit off - but I'll take it!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - September 8, 2018 - "I'm A Winner"

Toby holding a sit?

Henry holding a stay?

Me getting two dogs in the picture?

Me HAVING two dogs to put in the picture?

The choice is yours!

Photo Shoot Fun

Photo Shoot Fun

Photo Shoot Fun

My Boys
Close.. but no Kibbles. Well, maybe just a few kibbles...

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born
Toby with Hat

A Star Is Born
Toby without Hat

A Star Is Born
What a cutie!

Dog Blog Post #2402

Meet Toby.

He joined our household today at 8 weeks 2 days old, and I'm completely and totally in love with the little guy.

He is curious, playful, snuggly, and still manages to look solemn and dignified - at least when he wants to.

His introduction with Henry was uneventful, and while they still working out the logistics of Big Dog / Little Dog play, they are both obviously interested in making it work.

Today, Toby learned the beginnings of "Sit" (nailed it!) "Leave It" (chewing on my hand doesn't make it open but NOT chewing on it does and you get the kibble inside) and "Down" (did I mention he did great with "Sit" and "Leave it"?)

I spent most the afternoon focusing on Sit-n-Stare, where Toby gets a piece of his kibble every time I notice him sitting in front of me and staring up and me.

He now sits in front of me and stares up at me (and Hubby) a lot!

Henry also learned this on the first day, and to this day it's his default behavior - what he does when he doesn't know what else to do.

It's a really nice default behavior - much better than jumping at my legs and the cupboard doors, which was our starting point.

Today's photoshoot was a chaotic disaster - but Toby had a fun, got his meal of kibble (a few at a time) and (occasionally) showed hints of the star I'm sure he will someday be.

Many thanks to Toby's (and Henry's and Zachary's and Beau's) wonderful breeder - Aubridge Goldens - who practiced "Hats" with the litter a few weeks ago!

Notes to self:
1. Hungry Puppies make terrible models (stupid me - I knew that!)
2. Big Dogs and Little Dogs (together) makes a challenging situation impossible
3. I need to wrangle Hubby into firing the remote for me for a few days!

Daily Dog Challenge 2497. "One Thing"

A purple hat!

118 Pictures in 2018 - #16. "What are you grateful for today?"

My "pack" is once again complete.

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