Saturday, August 22, 2015

Howl At The Moon

Happy Slider Sunday!

Howl At The Moon
The Wilder Side of Henry

Dog Blog Post #1882

It was hot, and to be honest, neither dog was Feeling Frisky.

Even Zachary phoned in the Cookie Catching.

Photography Assignment

Photoshop to the rescue!

After playing with various filters, I hit on the "Chalk and Charcoal" filter, which created an interesting B&W grainy backlit look that made me think of a wolf howling at the moon.

So I took that, duplicated the layer and used Linear Dodge (Add) to blend it back with itself, basically making the darks darker and the whites whiter.

Back in Lightroom, I ran my favorite combination of sliders (my own preset) to create a more contrasted, clarified, etc. image.

Finally, I turned it blue - just because.

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 22, 2015 - "Feeling Frisky"

Daily Dog Challenge 1391. "Fun Day!"

The Making Of

Catching Cookies
The Original

Howl At The Moon
Fresh from Photoshop with just a bit more Contrast added

Runner Up

Catching Cookies
Not bad, but more Fearsome or Fearful than Frisky

Uh... No

Missing Cookies
Henry - Missing Cookies

Missing Cookies
Really Zachary? 

Yeah... it was that kind of shoot.

Too Hot
Zachary: "Too Hot"

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Furries said...

Howling at the moon is a fantastic effect.
My favorites are the boys missing their cookies. Their expressions are priceless.