Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hello Handsome

Hello Handsome
Handsome Henry

Hello Handsome
Henry: "Real Dogs wear Feather Boa's, right Momma?"

The do if they want Cookies.

Hello Handsome
Henry wishing he wasn't wearing a Feather Boa.

Hello Handsome
Henry - wish granted.

Dog Blog Post #1876

"They" always tell you to NOT look at the LCD after every shot - aka Chimping ("Oooo Oooo Oooo").

And it's good advice (usually).

Unless you are dealing with with a slinky, slippery feather boa.


I swear the boa spiraled nicely down Henry's leg when I set this up.

On the bright side (pardon the pun) I trotted out the second flash and tried for a hair (fur) light again, and was MUCH happier with how it turned out this time.

Definitely a keeper for the photography toolkit.

FWIW: The flash is located just out of view on the floor in the back left corner, and is shooting through a small softbox.

My Kitchen floor is only about 8 feet wide, and that's as far out of frame as I can get it.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1385. "Hello, Gorgeous"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 16, 2015 - "Spiral"

115 Pictures in 2015 - "#24. Feathers"

Zachary vs. The Feather Boa

The Boa didn't spiral any better for Zachary.

Hello Handsome
Zachary: "Falling down my leg, Mom."

I noticed.

Hello Handsome
Zachary's Mug Shot - with a Feather Boa

Really, Zachary?

Hat and Feather Boa
Hat and Feather Boa

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Unknown said...

Hello!! What gorgeous photos!

Unknown said...

I'm starting to feel a Halloween vibe! It's right around the corner, you know. :)

Unknown said...

You pictures are so much fun to look at! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Monday! :)

Angry Girl Fitness said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again--I LOVE your photos!!! One of these days I'm going to have to participate in one of these photo challenges!

jen said...

Hello gorgeous is the perfect title for this one!