Monday, August 24, 2015

The Cookie Spot

Cookie Spot
Henry in the Cookie Spot

Dog Blog Post #1884

Henry, laying On The Edge of the sofa.

This is Henry's "Cookie Spot", where he goes after every shoot is over as he's convinced that's what makes the After Shoot Cookies appear.

Dogs can be very superstitious, and if something good happens after they do some random thing they become convinced that doing that random thing causes the good to happen.

Of course, in Henry's case, he's so darn cute waiting patiently and quietly on the edge of the sofa that I do, in fact, give him Cookies while he's there.

Every time.

Right after the the photo shoot is over.

Hmmm... perhaps not all superstitions are false after all.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1393. "On The Edge"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 24, 2015 - "Edge"

Cookie Spot
Zachary in Henry's Cookie Spot

Zachary has no idea this is the Cookie spot, as he usually waits over by the Cookie Jar, but he was more than happy to lay here for the promise of a Cookie.

Uh Oh.

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Furries said...

Zachary imitates his brother to perfection.