Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wild and Crazy Dog?

OK Henry, let's see a BIG smile...

Wild and Crazy Dog?

... or I will give all your Cookies to Zachary.

Wild and Crazy Dog?
Henry: "Cheesy Burger!"



Wild and Crazy Dog?

Henry would be more than happy to take those Cookies off your paws.

Wild and Crazy Dog?
Zachary: "Cheesy Burger!"

Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

Wild and Crazy Dog?
Zachary giving the Photography an Icy Glare


Dog Blog Post #1866

I'm guessing whoever coined the expression Straight as an Arrow didn't have this in mind.

Hmm.... I'm now wondering how many people will actually get the title reference?

I suppose folks can always google it (hint: replace "dog" with "guy")

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1374. "Straight"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 6, 2015 - "Arrow"

Wild and Crazy Dog?
Henry: "Pfthththththth"



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