Friday, August 14, 2015

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet
Dignified Henry

Balanced Diet
Noble Zachary

Balanced Diet
Nobel Zachary hoping we are almost done

Dog Blog Post #1874

It takes an Easygoing dog to balance Fruit on their head.

And Henry lasted exactly one shot (above) - and then decided the shoot was over and it was time to get paid.

Did I give in?

You bet.

I knew going in that Henry doesn't like balancing unfamiliar things on his head, so any shots I get are a bonus.

As Zachary doesn't mind, there was little point in forcing the issue.

The tables are turned when it comes to holding things in their mouths.

While Henry isn't a huge fan of it, I can usually get a half-dozen solid tries.

Zachary is pretty much hopeless on that front - unless it's something being moved from Point A to Point B (e.g. paper wad into a trash can) - which Henry doesn't do at all and Zachary enjoys.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1383. "Easygoing"

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Mr. Henry
Henry: "Pony up the Cookies, Momma."

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