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NOTE: I have opted to go back to Sue Ailsby's Original Training Levels for Toby. This is nothing against the new ones - I'm just familiar with the originals, they are readily available online, I already have pages (like this one) set up that I can reuse, and they seem to work just fine. 😀

Recent Uploads:
4/3/2019Toby - Training Levels Two (Part 1)

For the charts below, the numbers in a row for a behavior (One, Two, Three...) are links that should go to the appropriate YouTube video.

The charts were a real beast to make and maintain, and I'm not promising that the links are 100% correct. If you find a mistake, please let me know!

You can also click on any row label (behavior) or column label (level) to see the appropriate summary.

n/v= Tested but No Video
--= Will not be tested (skipping)
v= Video clip has been shot but not released (yet)
?= Should have been released, but I couldn't find it!
X= that behavior (row) is not part of that Level (column)
OTR= see On The Road table

You will note that some items are listed as "n/v", meaning there will be no clip for that item. It is either because:

(a) it deals with a bodily function (e.g. Handling Level Three)
(b) it requires another person ("Candid Camera" anyone?) -or-
(c) it's really, really boring (e.g. Crate past level Three)

For more information about the program: Sue Ailsby's Original Training Levels

To see Beau and Zachary's page:

Henry's page (using the New levels) is here - although I stopped doing it pretty early:

Toby's Videos:




DownOne Two

Down StayX

FinishX X
FrontX X
Go To MatX


HeelX X


Jump, BroadX XX
Jump, HighXXX
Leash MannersX

On The RoadXX
RetrieveX X

ScentingX X

Sit StayX


Stand StayX






Toby's On The Road (OTR) videos. On The Road behaviors are the same as those above, only they are done someplace unfamiliar to the dog. As it was a pain videoing those in the past, I probably won't bother this time.

If I change my mind, I'll let you know!

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