Monday, August 10, 2015

Backdrop Fabrics

OK guys, come here and pose with some of your backdrop fabrics.

Say, "Cheesy Burgers!"

Backdrop Fabrics
"Cheesy Burgers!"

Henry, sit up straight.

You're taller than Zachary but nobody will know it if you slouch.

Backdrop Fabrics
Henry: "I'm taller?"
Zachary: (gasp!)

Yes, you are.

When you're not slouching.

Which isn't very often.

Backdrop Fabrics
Zachary: "I'm smarter."

I just want to know who's hungrier.

Backdrop Fabrics


Dog Blog Post #1870

The boys with their recently Organized.

... fabrics - a project from last month that was definitely worth the effort.

The top bin contains my main backdrop fabrics - everything you typically see in my stream except the all-important black stretchy velvet, which is hanging behind them. These are my workhorse fabrics and the first half-dozen or so images in my recently compiled "Backdrops" Album:

In the middle of the bin are the sheer, shiny, and sparkly fabrics that don't wrinkle.

Next bin down contains the solid-color crushed velvets. It's great fabric as it is cheap, wrinkle proof, washable, and comes in a variety of colors. I've used it for backdrops, table cloths, capes, Santa Sacks... etc.

Third down are the seasonal and specialty print fabrics. Things I really should use more often, but don't. Paw prints, snow flakes, Christmas ivy... etc.

Last are the vinyl and heavy suede/faux leather fabrics. They are generally more expensive, although I buy as remnants and on sale). I always have great hopes for them but ultimately chicken out when it comes to cutting into the fabric, and so there they sit. (sigh)

What's missing?

All the fleece fabrics (in a very large bin in the garage) and the heavy-weight animal prints (mid-sized bin in my closet).

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 9, 2015 - "Organized"

Daily Dog Challenge 1379. "Familiar"

Anyone familiar with the blog and Flickr stream should find these fabrics very familiar.

Backdrop Fabrics
Henry: "What's in here, anyway?"

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