Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions
Zachary: "Hmmm"

Decisions Decisions
Zachary: "Snowflakes."

Very seasonal.

Dog Blog Post #2318

The boys picking out the day's collar.

I wish MY closet looked this good.

Needlepoint is an enjoyable Football Season activity for me, as I have a hard time just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing.

Trivia: There are just 11-12 minutes of "live ball" football (action) in a typical three hour (clock time) game.

Here's a Flickr album of most of the collars being modeled by the boys, plus some close-ups: www.flickr.com/photos/bztraining/albums/72157640908971304

The collars are all DMC Cotton Pearl Size 5 floss, doubled stranded, on 10 squares/inch plastic mesh canvas. I usually get one collar out of a single $.99 sheet of "canvas" - that's two long strips joined at the short end plus a square in front to connect the opposite short ends to, created a V-collar.

The Autumn Leaves and white Celtic Knot probably took two sheets, each, being a bit wider and longer. If you look between the top two leaves you can see the join of a third piece of canvas. Same for the white collar.

I honestly don't know how much floss I go through. I usually buy 3-4 skeins of each color (27 yds each) and have 3-4 colors per collar. I have at least 3-4 skeins left over when I'm done. Skeins are ~$2 each for flat colors, a dollar more for variegated.

And no, I haven't the slightest idea how long one takes me to make. Perhaps a month or two worked mostly while watching Football?

The narrow blue collar on the right is a bit different, being double-ended with a "V" at each end, making it reversible from front to back with a slightly different design at each end. A good idea, but I don't like the fit as well and so I never did that style again.

It is, however, my favorite design. I think the boys look particularly regal wearing it. The blue field is worked in a single shade of blue, with narrow stripes of alternating direction stitches, creating the subtle shift in color.

The Autumn Leaf uses variegated thread, which I keep thinking I should do again but haven't.

The snowflake was a pattern-counting pain, although I like the argyle field.

The black collar shows dog hair (Note to self: don't do that again.)

I think the pearls on the purple collar look silly on my boy dogs, but haven't come up with anything to replace them with. It was based on a quilt block pattern.

And the hearts, a Valentine's Day favorite, always make me smile.

All designs are mine, based on a variety of sources.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - November 29, 2016 - "All in a Row"

Daily Dog Challenge 1856. "Neat and Tidy"

Decisions Decisions
Henry: "Hmmm"

Decisions Decisions
Henry: "Hearts, of course."

Good choice. :)

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Office Coffee

Office Coffee
Zachary - waiting for Coffee to make itself?

Office Coffee
Henry - doing the same?

Office Coffee
Zachary - still waiting

Dog Blog Post #2317

Some co-workers should be forbidden from making a pot of coffee.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - November 28, 2016 - "Glass of Water"

Oops... I obviously didn't read the challenge carefully - although the carafe is made of some sort of glass and it has water in it. :)

Daily Dog Challenge 1855. "Transparent"


Snack Time
Frozen by Cheese

Daily Dog Challenge 1854. "A Moment In Time"

The boys, frozen, as Hubby waves a piece of cheese to capture their undivided attention.

In the background, the Oakland Raiders are in the processing of winning their ninth game of the year, making this their first winning season since 2002, breaking the longest active NFL streak of having a losing season.

It was touch and go for awhile, after Carr (the QB) sprinted off the field with a nasty looking jammed pinky on his throwing hand and the Raiders went from being up 24-7 at the half vs. the Panthers to down 24-32.


But they managed to pull out a 35-32 win in the end.


The Niners lost. Again. Setting a new team record for most loses in a season (1-10).


But hey, they play the 2-9 Bears next week, so there is a glimmer of hope.

I wonder what the record is for how bad two teams are when matched up this late in the season?


Lap Dog
Snuggle Pups

A bit of fun with the iPhone's reverse camera.

Our Daily Challenge - November 26, 2016 - "What I'm Thankful For"

Daily Dog Challenge 1853. "It's Good To Be The Dog"

Henry is a lap dog at heart, and has no idea just how big he really is.

Zachary walked up to see what was going on, no doubt hoping Cookies were involved.

Lap Dog
Me and Henry - my 85 lb lap dog

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Friday, November 25, 2016


Zachary relaxing

This was not the picture I had planned on taking, but it was too cute to pass up.

The blanket was strategically placed to keep this a G-Rated image. :)

It's good to be The Dog.

Daily Dog Challenge 1851. "Relaxing"

Chilling with Zachary

Zachary enjoying the Football game with Hubby and I, in his own special way.

Our Daily Challenge - November 23, 2016 - "Connections"

Daily Dog Challenge 1850. "Together"

Sleepy Henry

Dog Blog Post #2316

Ok... we haven't been QUITE as lazy as this seems to indicate.

We've been doing a lot of yard work.


The boys?

Maybe not so much.

Photography Assignment

Henry in his Cookie Place - with Sock

No Room
No Room?

Whether due to a surplus of dogs or a deficit of sofa, we ended up with a leftover canine on the floor.

Daily Dog Challenge 1852. "Leftover"

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