Friday, December 9, 2016

Best Dressed Dog

Best Dressed Dog
Mr. Henry

Dog Blog Post #2320

What all the best dressed Dogs will be wearing this season, or so I've been told.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - December 8, 2016 - "Fashion"

Daily Dog Challenge 1865. "All Dressed Up"

My backlog of projects has gotten out of control.

It seems I have time to either take pictures, processes pictures, or work on a project.

Pick no more than two.

Sooooo... Here's Henry, showing off his latest collar that I FINALLY completed at 10:30pm tonight.

Taken with my iPhone. Processed with my home-grown "make an iPhone picture not look horrible" preset.

Alas, I see I have four days of taken but not processed or posted photos sitting here in Lightroom. The number of started but not yet completed projects is too daunting to count. Good thing New Years is almost here, so I can resolve to finish everything and then promptly break it.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Football, yard work, Christmas Lights, a couple Christmas Props under construction for the boys...

Oh yes, and the occasional picture or two.


Peek-a-boo Henry!

Sequined Beauty
Sequined Beauty

Sequined Beauty
Sparkly Henry

Alas, my sequined remnant is only about a foot wide.

I might have to splurge one of these days and buy a usable length.

Our Daily Challenge - December 3, 2016 - "Bokeh"

Daily Dog Challenge 1860. "Beautiful and Artistic"

Cropped from top shot and saturated a bit


Folliow the Arrow
This way to Zachary?

Folliow the Arrow
What was I thinking?

Folliow the Arrow
Henry, unimpressed

Folliow the Arrow
Seriously unimpressed

Our Daily Challenge - December 2, 2016 - "Follow the Arrow"

Daily Dog Challenge 1859. "Symbol"


Near and Far
Watching Football with near dog and far

Near and Far
I guess they were underwhelmed by the game

Our Daily Challenge - November 29, 2016 - "Juxtaposition"

Daily Dog Challenge 1858. "Contrast"


Fall Colors
Zachary and leaves

Fall Colors
Leaves and Zachary

Easy "Plan B" shot, as "Plan A" - which required me painstakingly taping silk leaves to a backdrop - was uninspiring.

Our Daily Challenge - November 29, 2016 - "Minimalism"

Daily Dog Challenge 1857. "November Colors"

Plan A

Fall Colors

Fall Colors
... paws...

Fall Colors
... and leaf.

Dog Blog Post #2319


Photography Assignment

See above.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions
Zachary: "Hmmm"

Decisions Decisions
Zachary: "Snowflakes."

Very seasonal.

Dog Blog Post #2318

The boys picking out the day's collar.

I wish MY closet looked this good.

Needlepoint is an enjoyable Football Season activity for me, as I have a hard time just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing.

Trivia: There are just 11-12 minutes of "live ball" football (action) in a typical three hour (clock time) game.

Here's a Flickr album of most of the collars being modeled by the boys, plus some close-ups:

The collars are all DMC Cotton Pearl Size 5 floss, doubled stranded, on 10 squares/inch plastic mesh canvas. I usually get one collar out of a single $.99 sheet of "canvas" - that's two long strips joined at the short end plus a square in front to connect the opposite short ends to, created a V-collar.

The Autumn Leaves and white Celtic Knot probably took two sheets, each, being a bit wider and longer. If you look between the top two leaves you can see the join of a third piece of canvas. Same for the white collar.

I honestly don't know how much floss I go through. I usually buy 3-4 skeins of each color (27 yds each) and have 3-4 colors per collar. I have at least 3-4 skeins left over when I'm done. Skeins are ~$2 each for flat colors, a dollar more for variegated.

And no, I haven't the slightest idea how long one takes me to make. Perhaps a month or two worked mostly while watching Football?

The narrow blue collar on the right is a bit different, being double-ended with a "V" at each end, making it reversible from front to back with a slightly different design at each end. A good idea, but I don't like the fit as well and so I never did that style again.

It is, however, my favorite design. I think the boys look particularly regal wearing it. The blue field is worked in a single shade of blue, with narrow stripes of alternating direction stitches, creating the subtle shift in color.

The Autumn Leaf uses variegated thread, which I keep thinking I should do again but haven't.

The snowflake was a pattern-counting pain, although I like the argyle field.

The black collar shows dog hair (Note to self: don't do that again.)

I think the pearls on the purple collar look silly on my boy dogs, but haven't come up with anything to replace them with. It was based on a quilt block pattern.

And the hearts, a Valentine's Day favorite, always make me smile.

All designs are mine, based on a variety of sources.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - November 29, 2016 - "All in a Row"

Daily Dog Challenge 1856. "Neat and Tidy"

Decisions Decisions
Henry: "Hmmm"

Decisions Decisions
Henry: "Hearts, of course."

Good choice. :)

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