Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spectral Hounds

Spectral Hound

You can tell Henry hops as spins, the slight hang time with each hop being picked up in the image.

Spectral Hound 9/52

Unlike Henry, Toby spins by twisting. So, no head bobs, but you get a swish instead.

Dog Blog Post #2518

This is always a fun shoot to do.

The boys enjoy the action and the Easy Cookies, and I think the effect is cool!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - March 2, 2019 - "Otherworldly"

Daily Dog Challenge 2672.

119 Picture in 2019 - #60. "It's all about the light"

This is 1.6s exposure @ f/7.1 with rear flash. The CFL behind the umbrella illuminates for the duration of the exposure with the flash "freezing" Toby at the end.

I worked with Toby off and on all day to teach "spin" for today's shoot.

It's an easy trick to teach, and he's a quick study, the repetition mostly about me being able to cue the trick without getting in the shot.

Truth in advertising: Yes, I did have to clone a few bits of me out. He still needs a big arm signal to complete the turn.

Next time... we'll do better next time.

Such a smart boy!

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Monday, February 25, 2019

The Elegant Dog

I know... I know...

Have you ever let so long lapse between the last time you did something that you let even MORE time elapse because it makes you feel bad just thinking about it?


But hey, how about a few pictures of the boys!

The Elegant Dog
Mr. Henry

The Elegant Dog
Mr. Toby

Toby did much better posing on the dog bed this time. He is starting to get the idea that I want his paws to dangle over the edge, and that he needs to stay put while I move to the side.

The paw tuck was once again his own idea. If he had been a bit closer to the edge it would have been adorable.

The Elegant Dog
Look good!

Dog Blog Post #2517

Daily Dog Challenge 2662. "Elegant"

I'm not sure folks think Elegant when they see a Golden Retriever, but the boys gave it their best.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 20, 2019: "Inspired"

As if you don't already know!

The boys inspire me to pick up the camera - in good part because they won't let me enjoy the evening until they've been paid their modeling fees!

I freely admit to running Zachary through his favorite tricks and then buying his silence with a handful of cookies, just to avoid breaking out the Big Camera.

Henry's perfectly happy to get the Cookies without the work, and Toby is just starting to make the connection between a posed photo shoot and a plethora of treats.

Given time, I'm sure he'll be as addicted to photography as the rest of the family!

100x in 2019 : #13 (pink/blue gauze)

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

The shoot was over but Henry hopped back up on the dog bed and posed so beautifully I just couldn't resist.

I'd already disassembled the camera and flash from their tripods, so you get an iPhone happy-snappy Behind the Scenes look.

Let's see... Henry is sitting on the dog bed, which has been casually draped in a length of crushed panne velvet fabric (cheap and washable).

The umbrella is just off camera to the right, while the reflector (clipped to the big white fridge) is on the left.

Today's backdrop fabric was very sheer so the backboards were first draped with the black velvet (not cheap) to prevent the cabinets/backboards from showing through. Yes, I know you can see it along the sides, but those aren't in the final picture!

The fabric is held in place on the backboard with binder clips (we're a high-tech operation here) and a few unbreakable but kinda heavy objects at the top corners (cookie containers today).

The black velvet is also clipped to the backboard as well having an extra clip on each side that is tucked into the top of the drawer to hold it taut.

The "backboard" is actually two tri-fold (think "science faire") cardboard backboards, binder-clipped together at the sides with one elevated about 8" over the other to get extra height. A rubber band is looped over each side binder-clip and then looped over the nearest cabinet door pull to keep the whole thing from falling over.

Did I mention how high-tech we are?

The whole "studio" goes up in about 10 minutes and disassembles just as quick, with the actual shoot being 3-6 shots per dog (5 minutes each? Henry is obviously less work than Toby.)

And that's about it!

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Vacation's Over

Henry: "I think I like the beach better."

Dog Blog Post #2517

I guess their California vacation is over.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2625. "Dress Up"

Seriously, how could I pass up "National Dress Up Your Pet Day"? (January 14)

Our Daily Challenge - January 14, 2019 - "Warming Up or Cooling Down"

This was a totally uneventful shoot - from setup to take down.

Yes, I know, the picture looks a lot like the others of late - the boys sitting side-by-side with/wearing a couple props - but it's really hard to do interesting pictures when your model is trying to eat the props.

Especially when you work solo.

Trust me on that one!

So, the general process is:

1) Teach stay
2) Get the pup to accept props without trying to eat them
3) Work on where the pup is focusing his attention

I'm pretty happy with 1 and 2. Toby's stay is good for at least one picture, often for multiples, including when I walk (backward) toward the camera to get better head positions.

The last few shoots I've worked with him a few times during the day to build familiarity with the clothing/props. Today I just sprang it on him during the shoot and he acted like an old hand.

That leaves 3, focus. We've been working on "Leave It" for weeks, and he's pretty reliable so long as I'm holding the treat. This week I'm going to introduce "Leave It" with the Cookie NOT in my hand. With luck, by the end of the week I'll be able to get a picture of Toby staring at a Cookie on the floor!

100x in 2019 : #5 (Snowflakes)

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