Friday, April 21, 2017

Zebra Cuffs

Faux Fur

Zebra Cuffs
Wrong side : Right side

Zebra Cuffs
... a bit closer...

Zebra Cuffs
... and a bit further.

Dog Blog Post #2406

The boys are firm believers in faux fur.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - April 20, 2017 - "Save The _______"

Daily Dog Challenge 1998. "Feet"

The Golden Retriever standard specifies: "Feet medium size, round, compact, and well knuckled, with thick pads."

... also known as "cat feet" (although we don't say that too loudly around the boys).

Of course, without regular grooming, those sleek Cat Feet quickly turn into Fuzzy Golden Slippers.

Zebra Cuff
Up close and personal

I didn't intend on this side showing.

I was just looking for an easy way to get the cuffs on their wrists, as sliding things over furry paws - against the grain - is... hard.

It's what it looks like - a pair of buttons with a bit of elastic looped between. I take the elastic off, wrap the cuff around the wrist, then put the elastic band back on to close.

Works great.

Zebra Outfit
The definitely not cave dog outfit

This is the top half. The collar is a standing collar that curves gently from about 3" high, just a bit back of the "shoulder" seam, to 1" at the end (front).

Yes, that's the shoulder seam - or at least the dog equivalent.

Yes, I know, it doesn't line up with the fold where you would think a shoulder seam should be, but that's because my boys have way more behind their front legs than they have before them.

To put it another way, dogs - when you lay a pattern - are hunchbacked. :)

Honestly, I need either a second seam or maybe a dart about 5" inches behind that one, to take in that "flip" that bears no resemblance to a dog's sleek non-shoulders.

Ah yes, something for the next project.

Sorry about the bad lighting - I didn't have the flash out tonight.

Will, once again, try to get a better shot in the future,

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dogs of the Night?

Dog of the Night?

Dog Blog Post #2405

Our Daily Challenge - April 20, 2017 - "After Dark"

Daily Dog Challenge 1997. "Spooky or Mysterious"

Wait... I can explain!

You see, I picked up this cute little zebra-stripe fleece remnant the other day. At 1/3 a yard, I figured I would just drape it around their shoulders for a "cave dog" look.

But you know, if I gave it a lining it would hang so much better (and I had a handy piece of black flannel that would just do the trick)... and since I was pretty happy with how the recently finished paw-print fleece fit over the shoulders...

So I decided to create a narrow shoulder/back piece and have the fabric come together in the front/middle and just hang down - in a cave dog way.

But you know, that stand collar of the paw-print cute was rather cute. I didn't have any zebra print left, and (for some unknown reason) I had zero black fleece, but black flannel? I have lots of that.

Of course, it needed something to stiffen it (a scrap of heavy sew-in interfacing inserted in the collar and top-stitched in place worked)... Hmm... it would look rather like a zebra mane, right?

So I stitched, and I sewed, and... wow. That front was seriously ugly.

Snip, snip... oops... that was a bad idea.

Hmm... But wait - after switching to that old standby v-front I had half a front "tail" that I could cut off. Just enough to sew to the bottom of the remaining front... plus a bit more black flannel (did I mention I have lots of black flannel?)

Hmm... we might be on to something... sew the bottom of the (now much longer) front piece into a loop, insert a bit of ribbon through it with a quick release clasp on the end.

Why, that pulls the front down nicely.

Hey, this isn't bad.

Oh, wait. I have a few tiny scraps left that I can use to create cuffs.

So I took a toilet paper roll center and cut it in half, the sliced each half down the side to open them up. Insert into a narrow pocket of zebra/flannel, add a few buttons and bit of narrow elastic to hold it closed.


Until I laid it out on the table.

Oh dear... it looked like... well, it looked like...

Oh dear.

Ok... so while that is NOT what I had intended to make, I must admit it was rather cute.

I will try to get a better picture in a few days, if/when the topics line up.

Photography Assignment

Dog of the Night?
Oh, Henry...

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Edge of Greatness

Tour de Fur-ance?
Henry the Great

Tour de Fur-ance?
Henry: "Aw shucks" 

Tour de Fur-ance?
Zachary: "Yup, I'm great."

And modest, too.

Tour de Fur-ance?
Henry, apparently finding Greatness to be exhausting

Dog Blog Post #2406

The boys, on The Edge of greatness?

Oh fine, then the helmet is on The Edge of their muzzle.

I haven't the heart to tell them it's Tour de France.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1996. "The Edge"

117 Pictures in 2017 - #21. "Bicycle Day" (April 19)

Our Daily Challenge - April 19, 2017 - "Centered"



More Roar


Wait... where did THOSE come from

Back to roaring

Daily Dog Challenge 1995. "In Motion"

Our Daily Challenge - April 18, 2017 - "Busy Busy"

Sweet Henry
Henry the Sweet

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