Saturday, April 6, 2019

Training Levels

And now for something completely different...

I'm considering starting Toby on Sue Ailsby's Original Training Levels. I followed them for Beau and Zachary, then switched to the new levels for Henry.

I never quite got into the new levels, and Henry was a less than inspired student.

Since both of us preferred photography, and Zachary was as far with the original levels as I was going to go, the training just kind of fell by the wayside.

Enter Toby.

Toby is smart.

Toby gets bored.

A bored Toby bats the Lacrosse ball UNDER things (bed, sofa, furniture) the uses his big brain to try to figure out how to get the ball back out again.

While I admire his tenacity and inventiveness - it drives me nuts.

Sooooo... we are going to give Training Levels a try.

The Original ones. The ones I am familiar with, have a bunch of "teacher's aides" I made up for Beau and Zachary, and are readily available on-line.

To that end - here's Toby's first video on my long-silent YouTube channel (bzfischer) : Toby - Training Levels One

I've added a link to this blog (Toby's Videos) in the bar on the right under "Other Pages" with a handy chart to keep track of the videos/levels.

Beau, Zachary, and Henry's pages are also listed there.

This no way will replace Photography!

Mostly it's just to save my sanity (and possibly the furniture).

Dog Blog Post #2520

Dog Noir 13/52
The Student

Dog Noir
The Professor?

Photography Assignment

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Little Dogie
Cowboy Toby

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

You're Never Too Old

You're never too old to cuddle your puppy toys!

You're Never Too Old
Mr. Henry

In this case, Henry, who will turn nine years young this summer, and eight month old Toby...

You're Never Too Old
Mr. Toby

You're Never Too Old
Mr. Toby looking sharp!

Dog Blog Post #2519

FWIW: I'm considering reconstituting my ancient training plans from when Beau/Zachary/Henry were youngsters.

Toby is sharp, but more importantly, he's bored.

Really bored.

And while he enjoys photo shoots - and so do I, so that's not going to change - it doesn't take up nearly enough time.

We'll see. Zachary loved learning things. Henry just wanted the Cookies. I'm thinking Toby is more like Zachary on this one.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2693. "National Puppy Day"

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 23, 2019 - "Love Never Dies"

119 Pictures in 2019 - #89. "Sentimental"

Love the hat - purchased today for just $3! It's soft, lightweight, breathable, and just the right size.

You can never have to many hats... for your dogs... right? I have a few duplicates (black fedoras and green bowlers come to mind) but for the most part they are unique in some way.

Someday I should count them.

Or not.

100x in 2019 - #20 (Blue Check Fleece -#2)

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spectral Hounds

Spectral Hound

You can tell Henry hops as spins, the slight hang time with each hop being picked up in the image.

Spectral Hound 9/52

Unlike Henry, Toby spins by twisting. So, no head bobs, but you get a swish instead.

Dog Blog Post #2518

This is always a fun shoot to do.

The boys enjoy the action and the Easy Cookies, and I think the effect is cool!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - March 2, 2019 - "Otherworldly"

Daily Dog Challenge 2672.

119 Picture in 2019 - #60. "It's all about the light"

This is 1.6s exposure @ f/7.1 with rear flash. The CFL behind the umbrella illuminates for the duration of the exposure with the flash "freezing" Toby at the end.

I worked with Toby off and on all day to teach "spin" for today's shoot.

It's an easy trick to teach, and he's a quick study, the repetition mostly about me being able to cue the trick without getting in the shot.

Truth in advertising: Yes, I did have to clone a few bits of me out. He still needs a big arm signal to complete the turn.

Next time... we'll do better next time.

Such a smart boy!

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