Sunday, August 9, 2015

Empty Pot

Empty Pot
Zachary: "Empty."

Empty Pot
Henry: "Empty."

Empty Pot
Zachary: "Should be up to here."

Empty Pot
Henry: "Should smell of warm deliciousness."

Empty Pot
Zachary: "Mom!"

Dog Blog Post #1869

The boys Looking In the sadly empty Coffee Pot.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 9, 2015 - "Looking In"

Daily Dog Challenge 1378. "Here's Looking At You"

I'm so proud of Zachary!

While Henry does Head Down by default, for Zachary it must be cued and there wasn't enough room between his head and the pot to give the cue where he was expecting it - that would be a fist on the floor right in front of his nose.

So I gave the cue on the camera side of the pot with little hope he would know what I wanted.

Dogs are funny that way.

But after a few tentative head bobs (which I rewarded) he plopped his chin down on the floor.

Yay Zachary!



Cookies rained down from heaven.

Manipulated Monday

Empty Pot
Empty Pot

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