Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Dreams and Nightmares

Great Treat Spot
Henry: "What's for lunch, Momma?"
Zachary: "I smell Cheeseburgers!"

I'm thinking you boys need to cut back some on your calories, so I picked up some nice salads from Jack-in-the-Box.


Zachary: "Good one Mom, but really, what's for lunch?"
Henry: "Ewwww"

This is lunch - low in calories, crunchy, refreshing... try it, you'll love it.

Zachary: "Seriously, do I look like a creature that grazes?"
Henry: "I smell Cheesy Burger."

Ok... Ok.... but don't say I didn't try.

By the way, I don't suppose you saw yesterday's A View from Behind shots.

Dream Come True

Dog Blog Post #758

Photography Assignment

  • Daily Dog Challenge "266. "Unique" - What is a unique feature of your dog?"
  • Our Daily Challenge - July 23, 2012 - "Dream"
  • Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "7. On a diet? Let's see a nice salad full of lots of leafy greens!"

The Plan

What might dogs dream of? I'm thinking food.

What's left to take a pictures of for the July Scavenge Challenge? Salad.

What does Zachary do when Food is placed in front of him? Sticks out his tongue - showing his Unique Treat Spot.

So - the plan was for me to pick up two Ultimate Cheeseburger combos, with side-salads instead of french french fries, come home, take some shots, and call it day. I could even do in the Dining Room where it's cooler (has a fan) with a large north-facing window (so I don't need to set up the extra lights).

It was already in the bag... er... computer.

The Problems

Well, it should have been.

In fact, I thought it was, until I got back to the computer and realized there wasn't a SINGLE SHOT of Zachary in front of the Cheese Burger with his tongue sticking out.

Not one.


How in the world did I manage to take SEVEN SHOTS, over an entire minute, without seeing his tongue once? It never even occurred to me to check for that. He always has his tongue out this time of year. The challenge is usually to find a shot where it isn't out!

The Solution

Solution? I handed off a salad shot to the Daily Dog and Scavenge Challenge, and the burger shot to Our Daily Challenge. Looking at them now, I wish I had thrown in the towel completely for multiple groups and used the very top shot for the Daily Dog, as I think it's a better picture.


On the bright side, after I was all done, I realized after an early repositioning (right after the top shot, which happened to be the first shot) the boys didn't budge until I was done.

That's a 3 minute down. The first two minutes with the salads there, and then I picked those up, left the room entirely, came back with the Cheesy Burgers (crinkling the wrapper as I did so, as I had to unwrap them), then one more minute with the Cheesy Burgers in front of them.

Woo Hoo!

Zachary: "I knew she was kidding"
Henry: "Num Num Num"
Yes, of course they got some of the burger - although I kept half of one of them for me.

50mm  1/80s  f/1.4  ISO 200 

Editor's Note: As Hey... It's Jet Here requested a bit of helping telling who is who from behind...

A View from Behind
Yup... that's where those Cheesy Burgers are going.

Bed Head Henry is on the left, with oh-so Smooth and Suave Zachary on the right.

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houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I'm still laughing about Henry's expressions over that salad! He looks like he expects an alien to pop out or something. Boys, I'd love to share that cheesy burger with you!

Sue and Doug said...

a little fiber is good for moderation though!!..enjoy the burgers!!