Friday, February 7, 2020

Hairy Pupper

Hairy Pupper
Henry: "Oh, hi Mom..."

Dog Blog Post #2530

Henry, where's Toby?!

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 3005. "Magical"

It's Harry Potter Book Night? Who knew!

120 Pictures in 2020 - #18. Burgundy

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 7, 2020: "Theater"

Magic? Props?? Costumes???

Everything here is purchased except the wizard's cloak, which I made a year or so ago.

And yes, it has a fully lined hood that works - as in I can pull it over Henry's head making him look rather like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars... only cute. :)

100x in 2020: #13 and 14

Hairy Pupper
Toby: "Bippity boppity boo!"

Um... no. I didn't plan on Toby's eyes being closed.

But I do think it's funny. :)

On Toby Training front - look how nicely he's sitting next to the crate - which is what is under the black fabric.

What a good boy!

And no, I didn't try adding the wizard cloak (see Henry's version).

I actually think he would have been fine wearing it, but it's a royal pain trying to keep the ruff UNDER the cloak but the tie OVER the cloak, and Toby would have started to fidget.

And we are trying to keep posing happy and fun!

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