Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Golden Gluttons

It Begins

Dog Blog Post #742: Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "15. So it begins. Show the first stitch, the first saw cut, the very beginning of any project."

In this case, the first cut dividing two yards of fabric into one yard apiece.

Today was a bit of a challenge, as challenges for my two daily flickr groups were definitely not on the same page:

1. Daily Dog Challenge "250. Super Heroic - Our dogs are all our lifesavers in some way, and I'm betting we all know what their superpowers would be. Show us how your dog's heroic side!"

2. Our Daily Challenge - July 7, 2012 - "Dining Al Fresco"

They weren't making this easy. First off, it's 1000F outside, and the only dogs you're going to find out there are Hot Dogs. :P

Second, Super Heros + Dining Al Fresco?


But the shoot must go on...

Super Heros

Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "16. Referring back to #15, show the completed project. Get busy! You only have a month!"

Well, there you have it. One Cape and two snazzy collars for our Caped Canines.

What - not Super Hero enough for you? Alright, how about this...

Super Heros

Still not good enough?

Fine, we'll go ALL the way...

Super Heros

Poor guys, I just didn't have the heart to tell them that wasn't what the sign meant.

BTW: I'm open to suggestions for what the Dynamic Duo should be called. Given the amount of time I sunk into that silly cape, I'm thinking that prop will definitely have to return.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the kind words about my first (and possibly only) foray into Poetry yesterday. :)

As for Amy's (over at Training Toby) question about Blogging for Dummies - yes, there is one (published Jan. 2012) and yes I have it. I remember thinking that it would be most useful for folks who don't yet have a blog, although it was sprinkled with tidbits I found useful. There is a slightly different flavor (Blogging All-in-One For Dummies) due out at the end of this month. (No, not related in any way to Amazon, those are just plain old links - I don't get anything if you click on them.)

Bunny's mom over at Tales and Tails wondered if the new site (BZ Dogs - Journal) was going to replace this blog. Absolutely not! This will still be my primary home - a daily diary, of sorts. BZ Journal is where I can compile/combine diary/photography into something that will be at best more meaningful, but at least more organized.

Today's addition? Something to do with fashion. :)

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What Remains Now said...

This is an adorable series of photos. The boys are such good sports with the masks. Since the capes may return, they look very regal to me. I could also see a little devilment.

training toby said...

Thanks for the links to the blog books!! I'm just in awe of the skill and creativity of other pet bloggers. Speaking of which, your caped canine crusaders are adorable.

houndstooth said...

Well, I happen to adore these shots and I laughed out loud when I saw them with that sign! A sub shop somewhere should pay you to use that.

How about the Golden Guardians? The costumes turned out to be really snazzy! I wonder if they'll find accessories to go with them!

Unknown said...

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