Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Dog Blog Post #746: Today we had...

Daily Dog Challenge 254. "Tourist in Your Own City - If your dog had a guest from out of town, what would he or she like to show them? You can show us a tourist representation if you can't get to a destination on your own. "

100 Pictures - "36. Vacation"

Nothing says tourist and vacation to me like a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

And yes, folks, even dogs look ridiculous in them.

I'm going to...!
"I'm going to...!"
... go nowhere.

Sorry, Henry. Way too hot outside to think about going further than the next room.

Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "9. Anything with four legs can be used to fill this assignment."

Wouldn't you know - I managed to chop the Mickey Mouse ears off the best posed shot in the batch. Good thing the prompt was for legs and not hats!

While I love my camera remote, this is the price I sometimes pay for using it.

Obviously, I'm standing just off camera to the left, holding the treats that Henry is staring at so lovingly. There wasn't much margin for error on this one, as the dog is nearly the length of the room, especially when you factor in the two umbrella stands - stages left and right

Better composition...

I'm going to...

... but not as good a picture - at least not in my opinion.

If you wish...
"... I wish I may I wish I might...."

Henry's Feathers

No, Henry's not pigeon-toed! I went from standing on the left to standing by the camera, and it seems only one foot made the transition. :)

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houndstooth said...

Those Mickey Mouse ears should get a lot of mileage! You used them once before, didn't you? I need to find some cute pink ones for Bunny some time. I think it was a great answer to the challenge!

Sue and Doug said...

oh Henry, if you only you could go to the 'happiest place on earth'..but I think you are already living it!!

Amy and Toby said...

I like how you gave some explanation for how you got the shots. Henry is so regal, it's a nice contrast with his MM ears.