Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th


Henry: "Cookies ruined."
Zachary: "Mom!"

No worries, boys. Spidey isn't going to hurt the cookies.



Zachary: "That's great, but how do we get him OFF the cookies?"


Dog Blog Post #748: Today was a toughie, as we had...

Our Daily Challenge - Friday, July 13, 2012 - "Creepy"

And, let's face it, there's absolutely nothing Creepy about Golden Retrievers.


A spider precariously...

Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "2. From yoga poses to balancing rocks, from checkbooks to diet, it's about staying in balance."

… balanced near an even more precariously balanced stack of cookies?


In any case, I'm pretty sure the boys would it call it...

Daily Dog Challenge "256. Test You Luck - It's Friday the Thirteenth. Is your dog lucky or unlucky? "

… unlucky.

"Whew. Spidey said he'd share."

Believe it or not, neither Spidey nor the pile of cookies was ever touched or even drooled on during this rather lengthy shoot.

Why lengthy?

Well, for one, it's finally cooled down enough that I could have the lights on and not feel guilty. But mostly because I'm still working on getting the boys to both stare down at something that is in between them, while I back out of the shot.

Henry is actually better at it than Zachary, which is odd because Zachary is much better at staring at down at things in all other cases.

I get this behavior by holding my hand over whatever I want them looking at. They look at my hand, as it often has cookies in it, and when I get both where I'm looking I flash my hand open in a stay signal. That's the easy part. At this point I then have to extract my hand, and myself, from the picture and hope they stay frozen long enough for me to click the remote and take the shot.

This is complicated by the umbrellas, which do a great job of providing light and an equally great job of blocking line of sight between my hand with remote and the camera on tripod.

So while the boys are trying to focus on whatever I want them to focus on, I'm flattened against the cupboards chanting "Stay stay stay" while I frantically wave my hand (with remote) around to find the "sweet spot".

As you can see, above, my success rate is... spotty. Frankly, I'm always amazed when I get any at all to come out! Today I took a dozen pictures with the boys and Spidey, half of them shown above. I took more than that of just Spidey, as I was trying to work out lighting, placement, and the best background fabric, but Spidey is trooper and didn't complain once.

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Sue and Doug said...

you used your 'spidey senses'!..great job!..the boys are anything but creepy!

Unknown said...

That's cute.

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

That IS creepy. Spiders are ick! Good thing he didn't spin those threats up into his web.

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I love the whole set up! Do you always use the tripod and remote? I usually point and shoot with the camera unless I'm working on something particularly tricky.

I'm surprised nobody cracked out a Golden Guardian cape and mask to battle that spider! ;)