Monday, July 2, 2012

Fur and Feathers

Fur and Leather
King Henry

Fur, Feathers, and Leather
Henry: "Hey look, Kitty is down there..."
Zachary: "Quit fooling around and smile for the camera so we can collect the cookies."

Fur, Feathers, and Leather
Henry: "Thphthph!"

Dog Blog Post #737:

The boys, chilling on the...

Scavenger Challenge July 2012 - "10. Love the smell of real leather? Your subject may NOT be footwear, wallets or handbags."

... leather sofa, showing off their recently manicured (pedicured? pet-a-cured?)…

Our Daily Challenge - "Foot"

… err… feet.... and their lovely...

Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "19. Feathers must be part of your composition...without using a bird!"

Yes, believe it or not, those long hairs on the backs of their legs (front and rear) as well as their ruffs and plumy tails are called feathers.

I'm thinking those Upland Game Bird gentleman hunters, who developed the breed, must have had a few too many pints the night they came up with that one.

(Clearly, this is much more their style then yesterday's very cramped camp chair.)

Editor's Note: Love the leather sofa. Quite durable. Very comfortable. Cleans up nicely with leather cleaner and doesn't collect dog hair.

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houndstooth said...

That couch looks like it was made for the boys! If we ever get another couch, I want to get leather. That plumage they're sporting is spectacular, too!

Sage said...

Haha! I was on kitty alert today too