Friday, July 6, 2012

BZ Dogs Journal

Spice of Life

Dog Blog Post #741: One of the few things I dislike about blogging, at least with Blogger, is how difficult (if not impossible) it is to have an easily accessible permanent collection of... well... anything.

Yes, there is a list 741 posts long on the right in the Blog Archive, by date, but it's hard to call that "accessible". True, you can pick tags (also on the right) but my list is fairly short given the volume of posts and not overly useful.

There is a search field (up top) that I use when I'm desperate to find that old post about Henry Turning Into A Deer (for example) and that works great so long as I'm looking for something rather unique on this site, like "deer".

Not so great if I type in "dog".

Flickr is even worse, with 2,283 pictures and counting.

Anyway - so I decided that I needed a NEW site, a real site (not a blog) where I could squirrel away my favorite pictures and posts in some methodical, or at least locatable fashion.

And so I made one.


It's called BZ Dogs - Journal.

Right now as I type this (your mileage may vary) should you happen to pop over, there is exactly one thing on it:



Ancient dance of wolves replay
Each the hunter each the prey

Streaks of golden racing by
Spinning bowing rearing high

Pull on ears and tug on paws
Open wide their toothy jaws

Snatch at fur
Grab at muzzle
Twist into pretzel puzzle

Happy panting playing cease
Side-by-side they sleep in peace

Playtime Over

... but with luck, by the end of the month, I'll at least have the hooks in places for the things I want to stash away, if not the actual stashing accomplished.

Or not.

It is summer after all. :)

(And yes, I bought Poetry for Dummies the other day. I think the worlds Poets are safe (although poetry readers beware) but I must admit I had a lot of fun writing it!)

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Bongo said...

Poetry for Dummies must work. That poem is very nice.

Alfie | Alfie's Blog said...

Must have been a good book - that poem is pawsome! *Waggy tail*

Anonymous said...

Hey Henry, Hey Zachary, Jet here.

Not only does your human have photography talent and creativity to the max, now she writes touching poetry!!! Wowee Wow, wow!

Pug Daddy said...

Have you ever tried hosting a wordpress site? It is what I use and it and there are really no limits to how structurally complex you can make your site. Like the new site though :)

houndstooth said...

I think the photos go perfectly with the poetry, and I rather like the poem, too!

The new site looks really nice. Is it going to take the place of this blog? I second the thoughts about Wordpress -- I really like it and it can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.

Amy said...

Too funny - I've been thinking about looking for Blogging for Dummies ;)
Fantastic poem by the way and perfect with the pics.

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all!

Thanks for stoppin' to visit me!

Can't wait to see what you do with the journal.

Y'all come back now!
Hawk aka BrownDog

Anonymous said...

I like the new site. Way cool!