Sunday, July 15, 2012

Canine Elegance

Gentle Elegance

Dog Blog Post #749: Today we had...

Daily Dog Challenge "257. Elegance"


Our Daily Challenge - July 14, 2012 - "Body Parts"

And when I think of the most elegant body parts of the boys, the crest of their necks and their glorious ruffs come to mind.

While Zachary has finer features than Henry in both those regards, Henry's gentle looks today won me over in the end.

Note to self: Curving their heads slightly toward the camera (as in this shot) instead of a true profile (as in the non-posted Zachary shots) keeps ears from obscuring eyes.

Editor's Note: If you hate being disillusioned, you'd best close your eyes for a moment.

Got them closed?

So, what's Henry REALLY looking at? The ramekin of treats strategically placed on the ground under the rose, which I'm personally holding "just so".

Ok... you can open them again.

It didn't help that Zachary decided to sample the prop...

Tasty, Too

Editor's Second Note: Bunny's mom over at Tales and Tails asked if I always use the tripod and remote. And that would be a qualified Yes, at least for indoor "studio" shots. There are some exceptions, like when I have something sitting on the table and they are in the background staring at it and thus at me (example: the Dawn of Time shots) but for the most part if it looks staged, the camera was on the tripod.

Why? Because it's really hard to get them looking somewhere other than at the camera if I'm behind the camera.

Also, if I'm doing anything with props - say, holding a rose - then I have to use the remote since 99.998% of the time I don't use a helper.

For shots where I don't care where they are looking - like all those playtime bitey-face shots, when I cease to exist to them - then it's much easier just hold it.

And finally, for Scavenge Challenge July 9, 2012 - "5. Old rusty trucks and cars make interesting photographic subjects. Search one out."

Rusty Car

I spent way too long this evening trying to identify the rusting passenger on the bed of that truck. Alas, I failed, although my googling leads me to believe the truck itself is an International Harvester of the late 30's-40's variety.

If anyone happens to know anything about them, I'd love to hear it!

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Sue and Doug said...

nice to see the boys take time from their 'bitey face time' to stop and 'smell or rather eat the roses'!..we could all learn a lesson from you golden boys!

Amy and Toby said...

Thank you for the chuckle today!
The expression of true love while gazing at the rose...
kind of glad to know he's being a true dog and gazing lovingly at treats!

houndstooth said...

He looks so elegant with that rose! He could be on the cover of a Valentine and I'd buy it. It really does look elegant and perfect!

I'm too lazy to get the tripod out most of the time. Maybe I'll have to start playing with it more!

Sankissjuice said...

I love these photos. I still can't tell Henry and Zach apart but I know they are both SOOOO handsome. For me, it's the bump of their head that is most elegant and eye-catching.

I'll be back,

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

While I was reading your thoughts on the crest of their necks (which are lovely) I thought ah for me its Henry's eyes - they just draw me in... then you pretty much wrote it lol, so yes I agree, he has such a soft expression with loads of character!