Sunday, July 1, 2012

Construction Zone

Construction Workers

Dog Blog Post #735: Continuing the Dogs In Hats series, we have...

Uh oh, looks like the construction crew has coned off the corner of the kitchen.

Strange… that's the corner where the cookies live.

Boys… what are you up to?

Daily Dog Challenge "243. Heads Up - What can your dog hold on his or her head? Show is in a photo today!"

Our Daily Challenge - June 30, 2012 - "Off (or on) the top of your head"

Construction Workers

Editor's Note: Don't worry Sugar, I was only kidding about the jelly. They take their peanut butter unadorned.

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houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I had no idea you'd been waiting for an orange assignment. I wonder what they're building in the cookie zone!

Sue and Doug said...

now that is cute!! the orange!!!