Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friendly Game

Friendly Game

Friendly Game
"Come on Zachary, quit mugging for the camera and move!"

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  • Daily Dog Challenge "261. Friendship"
  • Our Daily Challenge - July 18, 2012 - "On the Table"
  • Scavenge Challenge July 2012 - "3. Grain can refer to a food type, wood, sand, a visual texture in a photo, etc. Go grainy!"

Looks like boys have settled in for a friendly game of chess!

The Plan

When I saw "Friendship", I instantly thought of Bitey-Face, but when ODC threw in Table I was at a loss. So I asked Son if he had any ideas. He didn't even have to think, "Have them play chess."

(The fact he spent part of the afternoon picking up the floor in his room, including a certain chessboard (pictured above) might have had something to do with his answer)

So - the plan was to have the boys play a nice game of chess.


The Problems

There were several problems, today.

1. What to take a picture of (i.e. one of the problems was the plan - see above)
2. How to get the boys to stare at the game.

Oh yes, back to having them stare at something between them. You can see from the shots that I wasn't successful with getting them both to stare downward, and you can probably guess by Zachary's craning neck that I was standing beside him.

One of these days, we'll get that skill down.


(I even tried seeding the board with cookies, which are hiding behind the center pawns, but it wasn't really that successful.)

3. The pieces were tippy.

Zachary did try to stare at the cookies early on, but then his chin bumped the king, which sent several pieces crashing down, and he wasn't interested in taking a closer look again.

The Solution

As for the "grainy" part in the picture up top, I had a bit of fun in Aperture with Sharpening and Vignette. :)

Friendly Game
Zachary: "Little help here mom?"

Editor's Note: Still with me? Look... over there... in the right sidebar... nearer to the top, below the Followers. See that badge that kinda looks like a book, and says BZ Dogs Journal on it?

I made that tonight. And if you click on it, or the link you just read, you will find the boys' Very First Journal Entries. I wanted to include here, but this post was already getting a bit long. :(

FWIW: The background for the badge is a picture I took of a bit of my leather chair in the sunshine. :)

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Sue and Doug said...

check mate!!..good job boys!!

Sue and Doug said...

by the way, I read your BZ journal entries..very good so far!!

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! You and I had the same sort of process when we saw table, I see! I love how yours turned out. It doesn't surprise me even a little bit that the boys play chess!

Sage said...

Patience and a good game of chess. What better way to spend a day? Well, treats always help. :)