Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Spill

Big Spill
"Uh oh... Zachary!!!!"

Big Spill
Zachary: "Must bring in heavy equipment. Bulldozer. Forklift. Quick! Can't let Mom see it."
Henry: "Won't Momma hear that?"

Big Spill
Zachary: "I'm guessing the diameter of the spill to be about 6" x 1/2"  creating a volume..."
Henry: "Can't we just eat it?"

Big Spill
Zachary: "Oh... he he... good idea" 

Dog Blog Post #756

Whew, was it hot yesterday!

Photography Assignment

  • Daily Dog Challenge "264. Vibrant"
  • Our Daily Challenge - July 21, 2012 - "Complimentary Colors"

The Plan

Complementary colors = colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel, like purple/yellow, blue/orange, and green/red.

I tossed out purple/yellow right away, as they yellow would have been the boys themselves, and I didn't think they would look particularly "vibrant" against my purple backdrop fabric.

Green/Red is always a winner, but I've done it quite a bit and was having trouble coming up with a "plot" for the shot.

So Blue/Orange it was. If you recall the orange construction hat shot a while back, I mentioned them barricading the corner of the kitchen. When that came to mind, so I decided to give them something to barricade.

The Problems

1. Did I mention it was hot? I cranked up the AC, set everything up in the dark, and didn't bring the boys in until the last minute, but it was still hot.

2. Perhaps it was the heat (see #1) or perhaps my rushing to keep them under the lights (which, while CFL's and no where near as hot as incandescents, still put out SOME heat) but I could NOT get Zachary to balance the hat on his head. Even Henry was having problems, which might well show up in tomorrows Monday Mischief post... it was bad.

3. Once on the computer - I once again discovered that boys look terrible against the blue background, and with the orange it seemed to make it even worse. Darned if I can figure out why.

The Solutions/Results

1. I took only a handful of shots - perhaps a dozen?

2. I gave up on the hats fairly quickly. I would normally have worked through it, but it was just too darn hot.

3. Not much to be done about this one. The computer room was even hotter than the kitchen ("studio") and I didn't want to take any more time than necessary to get the pictures loaded. Note how late I am getting this post out - too hot to blog? Yup, it was miserable. :(

Big Spill

Editor's Note: I just discovered that you can create a Flickr badge (see right) that changes every time you refresh the page. There are several options for how you want the badge to be populated by pictures, the colors you want for background and text, and there is even a flash option (not chosen by me). Pretty cool!

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K-Koira said...

Nice series, I love the subtext.

houndstooth said...

I love the theme! What a riot!

I have a feeling that the problem is that particular shade of blue fabric. It seems like it almost glows and it reminds me of the green background they use behind weathermen. lol I'm betting that a light robin's egg or sky blue would look fantastic behind the boys!