Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bags of Blue

Bags of Blue 3/52
Toby: "Don't forget the baggies!"

Dog Blog Post #2528

"I don't have a spare hand."

"It SMELLS." (Summertime tip: double-bag)

"It decomposes... eventually."

"The city cleans it up, right?"

Umm.. no.

If your dog goes poo you collect the doo - even if no one is watching, even if no one will know.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 19, 2020: "It is Right"

120 Pictures in 2020 - #113. "Useful"

And it's much easier to collect and carry the treasure in a little blue baggie.

52 Weeks for Dogs: This is something of a repeat of a shot I did earlier this week with Henry (with LEGO men and Cookies) that I punted on for Toby as I knew the Cookies would be too tempting.

The table is one of a set of three nesting end tables, light weight and a bit rickety. I believe they were old when my eventual in-laws gave them to Hubby when he went off to college... 35 years ago.

That said, they are perfect for photoshoots - their dark surface reflecting the black background most agreeably. They are just the right height, are easy to move around, and dog drool wipes right off.

When done being a prop, they are tucked in corner near the sofa and do an admirable job holding magazines.

Anyway, for this shoot, Toby needed to sit very close to the table and hold his head nice and high to be above the bags. The head wasn't an issue, but it took a bit of coaxing to get his body where I needed it.

I did get a shot of him looking down at the bags (per Henry's Cookie original) but I liked this one better.

What a good boy. :)

Go Niners!

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Furries said...

Toby is a handsome boy.
Those blue bags should spark joy. They mean you're going for a walk!