Sunday, July 10, 2011


Got Ball!

Dog Blog Post #379: Couldn't go wrong with today's Daily Shoot assignment of...

Create a photograph that makes you happy today.

Yes, I know I've posted many, many shots of the boys playing fetch. No, there's nothing particularly special about this one except perhaps in my own mind. To quote what I put in the flickr description...

"A year ago this coming August, we lost our first golden, Beau. His death was quite unexpected, as he was just short his 7th birthday, and Zachary, his housemate, who had never known life without Beau since he was but a wee pup, was.... lost.

This picture makes me happy, because they are clearly happy, and it means when we crossed our fingers and a few months later brought 8 week old Henry home, it was the right decision.

Zachary made the transition from spoiled nephew to uber-patient uncle without missing a beat. :)"

Here's a few more...

Best Furry Friends

Wet Dog

... the one above makes me happy because today was the first time that Henry actually wanted to get wet. All through the heat he steadfastly refused to join Zachary in playing in the water. Until to day. Clearly, the ice (water?) now broken, he had a marvelous time, and was soon looking like this...

Sleeping Puppy

I didn't quite get Canine Modeling 101 finished - I still need to develop my props list (on the right) but I think I have the basics down. Testing instructions fell over to another page...

You should be able to click to see larger.

I'm on the lookout for good prop ideas, although there's no chance I can top greygirl25 and her canine Red Hat Society!

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FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

I like getting the cookies photographed BEFORE eaten! Now I know why my Human constantly says "leave it!".

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

These pictures define "joy"!!

Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

Pamela said...

The pictures, like all your shots, are wonderful (the first was my favorite). But hearing the story behind the pictures, made them even better.

I'm so glad to hear how much happiness your family has gotten from bringing Henry into your household after losing Beau.

houndstooth said...

All of your pictures from yesterday left me smiling! I think the boys' happiness transcends the photographs.

I know the website where she got those hats, and the gal who makes them is amazing at coming up with stuff. She's done some fabulous ones for me over the years, usually around Halloween time when I like to dress the girls up to amuse the residents at the nursing homes. She's not terribly expensive, either, and she can design whatever you can think of!

As far as props go, what about some either location sorts of props, like a neat storefront or fountain, or some larger stationary props, like an old wash tub or trunk? Even a funny sign could be a great prop with the right setting!

I'm dying to see what you did for stripes today! I kept drawing a blank until I walked through the kitchen and saw something I'd forgotten to throw away yesterday. It worked out better than I'd expected, and we did NOT have to go outside in the beastly heat!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I know what it's like to bring another dog into the house with your fingers crossed that it's going to work:) I think yours worked perfectly and mine worked very well. Beryl isn't perfect for Frankie but she's not far away.

The 'synchronised chewing' photo is gorgeous.

greygirl25 said...

I love your happy.

It's never easy to lose a pup, but Henry brings such joy.