Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Henry with a Headlamp

Dog Blog Post #388: "... to boldly go where no one has gone before."

Ok. That might be taking things a bit too far.

The Daily Shoot assignment?

Make a photograph today of something that you've not made a photograph of before.

Days like this make me think someone over there is out to get me.

Thankfully, there are no Daily Shoot police (at least none that I've run across) and I resolved to find something completely different to throw in the picture. Something I have never tried before. Something like...

A Headlamp!

Oddly enough, given Henry's "No way, no how," approach to the top hat. He had no problems with the headlamp. True, I've been working with him per the Bi-Weekly worksheet (Yes, it's now Bi-Weekly. Give me a break. It's summer!)

I started by using a towel and just running it gently over his head, gradually increasing the amount of time it spent on his head, and the amount of his head it covered. In just a few days he was totally oblivious to the towel - an object he was already quite familiar with anyway.

Today was the first day I tried something other than a towel, and was rather surprised that he let me slide it on without issue. He pawed at it the first few times. Dipped his head a time or two. And the settled down to completely ignoring it.

Zachary ignored it from the start, but that didn't surprise me. He's an old hand at me putting things on his head. :)

My preferred shot was this one...

Henry with a Headlamp

... which was the original aspect ratio. Alas, I discovered (after uploading, of course) that in square thumbnail form, the light is completely lopped off. Hence the cropped version up top.

Here's a few other takes on the picture...

Henry with a Headlamp

Zachary with a Headlamp

... that one is Zachary (in case you can't tell.)

This series makes the third and final test of "Down @ 5 ft" for CM101.

And finally, for Scavenge Challenge ("Pennants, banners and ribbons wave in the wind") we have Old Glory...

Old Glory

I'm not even going to admit to how many days I tried shooting flags of all sorts to get one decent shot. Either the wind was too light, or too strong (which was dull) or the wrong direction in relation to me, the flag, or the sun... arg!

One the bright side, I considered Henry's shot (way up top) a three-fer, as it also (hopefully) satisfies the scavenge challenge of "a clever photo with a light bulb" (clever? probably a stretch, but it does have a light bulb) and Our Daily Challenge ("Begins with G" - see post title.)

Editor's Note: You have no idea how much I wanted to sit on these headlamp shots until Wordless Wednesday, and if I had had ANYTHING else to put in the blog today, I would have!

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

It looks to me as if Henry is concentrating very hard on making the headlamp glow:) Like it's powered by his brain!

Love the colours and movement in the flag shot.

Ruth said...

Wow thos shots are very atmospheric! Nice job!

Pamela said...

Of course the dog shots are beautiful. They always are.

But the flag shot was amazing. What a tough thing to capture.

BTW, will you be wearing headlamps for your evening walkies?

houndstooth said...

I love the look of illumination on Henry's face to go with the headlamp! That is such a cute shot! I'll be glad when dog obedience is over and I have more time to get pictures.

That is a great shot of the flag, too!

Today's DS -- do they realize how hot it is outside in most of the country here? Good grief!

Sheltie Times said...

I love the lamp shots. They do look they are mind powered. They are ready to go caving now.

Flags are challenging. The constant movement makes the shot hard. DH has tried to get shots for me and always finds it frustrating.

Pup Fan said...

Great idea! I love the photos. Bella would have never consented to wear a headlamp!

greygirl25 said...

Henry looks very good as a glowing golden.