Friday, July 22, 2011

Hip 2B Square

View through a Jar

Dog Blog Post #391: Warning... Frantic Friday ahead!

The Daily Shoot assignment...

Lose the rectangle today. Make a photograph with a square (1:1) aspect ratio and post it. Crop if needed.

Leaving me to ponder... Is it easy because it can be anything so long as it's chopped into a square, or is it hard because it can be anything so long as it's chopped into a square?

For a good part of the day I was thinking the latter, as I had zero idea what I wanted to do. I considered trying for another Canis lupis familiaris shot (this time trying to get Zachary not smiling) but it seemed too soon to upload such a shot, and then I found myself absent during the precious hours when the sun hits the yard Just So so that it would come out.

And then suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted.

See above

Ok... hardly a flash of brilliance, but it met the requirements and it came out like I was envisioning, so I'm counting it a success.

And finally, a few shots from yesterday (as it Frantic Friday)...


Guess Who?

... bet you can't guess who's in that last shot! :)

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Ruth said...

Wow, once again, brilliant shots!

houndstooth said...

I love your idea for the square shot! We weren't home all day, so I thought I'd make it up easily today, but we've been dealing with a very sick Bunny. We spent a lot of time at the vet and she's resting, so I'm hoping I can maybe coax her to do a picture for me tonight or tomorrow, or else I'll see if Morgan or Blueberry is up to it. Otherwise, I may just try to make use of our stained glass again and call it a day.

I love that last picture! My first thought is that it looks like Zachary looking for a lacrosse ball, but it seems like Henry's fur.

Sage said...

And was there drool hiding behind the treat jar? :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Cool square shot:)

I've been thinking about who is in the bottom photo all day and I'm still not sure but I'm going to go with Henry, and what is he looking at?

yuki and rocket said...

aww I love the first pic with doggie treats :)

yuki and rocket

pibble said...

I do believe the photographer is quite talented, but let's recognize, too, that the subject is just amazingly beautiful!

Great shots!

Diva LaVega said...

Fantastic Photos. I am pet blog number 64 on the blog hop. Check you my blog and find out about my monthly photo contest for dogs!!!
Licks & Kisses,
Diva LaVega

greygirl25 said...

Love your square shot. Very clever to photograph through the cookie jar.