Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Unnoticed

Dog Blog Post #383: So glad folks enjoyed yesterday's Wordless Wednesday sepia "Old Timey Pictures". I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you have pictures with questionable tone/color in their original form (as those did.)

Today's Daily Shoot assignment really had me scrambling...

Pay attention to your surroundings today. Make a photo of something you walk by every day without noticing.

As you've probably figured out, the vast majority of my Daily Shoot shots are taken in and around the house, and finding something "unnoticed" was a real challenge. I strolled along the pathways, staring at all the plants (need grooming), weeds (need pulling), walls (need mending), trees (need pruning) trying to find something "unnoticed".

And, of course, I came up empty. This is the stroll I take every day, and these are things I noticed every day.

One of these days, I might actually even act on them.

(But not today. Much to busy. Things to do.... things to do...)

Meanwhile, the dogs trotted along beside me, with Zachary bringing me Lacrosse Balls and Henry snuffling about the shrubs and plants as he always does. When I reached the gate (and after heaving the bags of blue filled with poo over the fence and into our garbage can) I turned around and noticed the "latch" on the shed.

Hmmm.... latch... latch... that's a July Scavenger Challenge item! So I snapped that shot...

Shed Latch

... and as I turned to head back down from whence I'd came, there was Zachary (with a Lacrosse Ball) and Henry (snuffling those plants and shrubs) and I realized what my picture was going to be.

Behold, the shot up at the top of the post - and the comment below that I put on the flickr page...

Every day I walk past the dogs sniffing the ground and flowers, without even thinking about what they might find.

Were the neighbor cats there? Squirrels? Birds? A Roof Rat or two?

I'll never know, of course. And if they know, they aren't telling. But at least today I have a photographic record of it.

Cheating? I don't know. Perhaps. But isn't the Daily Shoot supposed to be whatever you make of it? :)

Finally, Our Daily Challenge has "Portrait" as an item - due tomorrow. What do folks think of these two?

Thoughtful Henry

Happy Henry

Neither one is flash or novel, so I'm not sure, but I rather like the "soft" look to them.


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Sheltie Times said...

It would be interesting to know what they are looking at/for as they explore.

houndstooth said...

I like your DS from yesterday better than mine. I wanted something more "pretty" but we were on our way to the dog park and hubby and Morgan were a bit impatient. Ah, well!

I like the softer, more thoughtful pose of Henry with his mouth closed more than the other one, although I think they're both adorable. I think the picture of Zachary in the top hat would be the one to use for the portrait assignment, if I were choosing. Either that, or feature one of them with an object that really defines them in a meaningful way. Zachary with his lacrosse ball comes to mind, but that's just me. I doubt any picture you turn in for that assignment is going to be bad!

Pamela said...

What a wonderful assignment. And tricky because once you have to notice the unnoticed, it's no longer unnoticed.

I agree that the top, thoughtful picture of Henry is my favorite.

But I also keep looking at your photos and wonder who much time you spend grooming the boys when you're not photographing them. They always look amazing.

Hood said...

Definitely loving the first picture of Henry. The combination of the rule of thirds, depth of field, and Henry's amazingly good looks make for a nice shot.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Both photos of Henry are gorgeous but I like the first one best too.

I envy the depth of field you can get with a DSLR.

greygirl25 said...

I love the portrait shots, they are beautiful.