Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool Paw Henry

Cool Paw Henry

Dog Blog Post #397: Yes, I'm having way too much fun taking hat pictures.

Just to catch up, here is yesterday's Daily Shoot assignment...

Illustrate the word equality today with a photograph that shows your favorite interpretation.

... and the picture that went with it...


Yes, real Big Cheeseburgers. Yes they sat there for a good minute and the burgers survived. No, I don't know what they were looking at - I figured they would look at me or the food and they looked at neither. Yes, they got to eat their burger after the shot was taken. Why the black? Because the Daily Shoot shows the tweeted photos on their webpage as square thumbnails, and had I uploaded the original, the only thing visible would have been the giant ottoman.

Today's Daily Shoot assignment was pretty open ended...

Rotate your camera today a bit and make a slightly off-angle photograph. Use the angle to emphasize your subject.

... either a plus or minus depending on how creatively inspired you feel for the day.

Today was not my day.

I blew off taking the pictures for most of the day. Temps are rising and I didn't really know what I wanted to do anyway. So late afternoon rolls around finding me clueless, pictureless, and running out of daylight.

Soooo... I grabbed the camera and some cookies, then went out back in hopes that inspiration would strike while I milled about smartly.

Did I mention that I grabbed a hat while I was grabbing things?

I grabbed a hat. A cheap woven grass hat - yet another big box party store find. This one came completely with ultra-tacky plastic "decorations" that I tried, and failed, to remove fearing the entire hat would unravel if I did anything to it. Will try again once I find the pliers.

And for the LAST (non-dog) Scavenger Challenge item? We have "Create a still life using only flowers, 3 fruits/vegetables and 1 vase/pitcher/cup/glass."

As I didn't have much to work with, I pulled 3 blueberries out of the freezer, snipped a few tiny feverfew flowers and leaves, grabbed a bitty glass container that I put measured spices in while cooking, and a 1 cup ramekin.


Still Life in Miniature

Done for July!

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houndstooth said...

I think Henry and his hats are going to become famous! It's an adorable shot!

I am in total envy of your Scavenge Challenge photo, too! I still just love that! I swear that I'm getting a lot busier on next month's hunt. Heat and time just got to me on this one. *sigh*

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Oh I LOVE this. My mom took a photo of me yesterday wearing a hat (Mmmm I wonder where she got the idea). Golden Prayers before your Delish CheeseBurger. LOVE the Black n Yellow line on the photo (mmmm another idea for my mom). Lots of Golden Thanks n Woofs, Sugar

Sheltie Times said...

I'm thinking there is extra money here as dog models. They have the talent.

I love the hats and the food shots. They do look ready for a feast.

rottrover said...

We canNOT believe you two sat still in front of those cheeseburgers. Most impressive. Mom really likes your still life :-)

Rottie Kisses!

Pamela said...

I've got to think the boys weren't looking at the cheeseburgers to deal with not being able to eat them.

"If I don't look at it, it's not really there."

Tanner and Beth said...

I love the photo with the cheeseburgers. I have been so hungry since I got sick. Turns out a lot of doggies in my area have gotten sick too. So Mommy feels much better about it.

By the way, No, I don't like the massage thing. It was not even turned on. I just wanted to see how well it fit.

Puppy Kisses,

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Those photos all made me smile, they're lovely:) Henry looks like such a cool dude lying there with his hat on and the angles are great.

Zachary and Henry are so well trained, my 2 can't even sit/stay for a minute let alone with a yummy food distraction in front of them.

The scavenger challenge is beautiful. I love the colour combinations and the way the blueberries have that little bit of frosting on them for a finishing touch:)

Kristin G. said...

Henry looks awfully cute in that hat. I like your still life shot too.

greygirl25 said...

Oh, that hat is soooooooo Henry.

And your still life is wonderful, nice job.

Talking-Dogs said...

Awesome photos! Henry in that hat is ... adorable!