Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crossed Paws

Crossed Paws

Dog Blog Post #389: Just a few comments about yesterday's Wordless Wednesday shots...

# 1. Henry was looking at me (probably hoping for cookies). Zachary was staring at the Lacrosse Ball that was sitting on the ground right in front me and a bit to my left - thus explaining his slightly skewed gaze. That was for Daily Shoot (DC) "Stairs and/or ramps", as well as CM101 "Sit @ 5 ft".

#2. Henry's head, nice and PRICKLY (per Our Daily Challenge (ODC) requirement) after playing in the water.

#3. (Sigh) Yes, Christmas in July, as Scavenge Challenge (SC) wanted "Rings a Bell" and it's the only bell I could lay my hands on.

#4. And finally, I believe the cute little critter SITTING (another ODC) on the rose sepal is a Katydid nymph.

As for today - we have for the Daily Shoot...

Make a photograph today that features the use of low contrast to create a mood or feeling.

Yes, I did position Henry's paws to be CROSSED (ODC), but as he kept them that way until I tossed him cookies, it must not have bugged him. I would have liked to have done this somewhere with a little more light, but the temps have climbed back up into the high 90's, keeping us inside and enjoying the air-conditioning.

Here's a few more...

Crossed Paws

Crossed Paws

And finally, for SC and my "wish for the world", we have...

Bee Happy
"Bee Happy"


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Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog - we are your newest follower :)

I love the picture of the paws crossing. my lab will not do it but I do catch Fred the bloodhound doing it every once in awhile and its a sweet moment!

Haha I have had my socks and undies out in the backyard many times haahaha... sad but true :)

Thanks for stopping by!

houndstooth said...

I really love the softness of the crossed paw photos! Henry did a great job with that one.

Love the bee happy, too! I'm never going to get caught up on the Scavenge Challenge! *sigh*

Normally, I'd be all kinds of thrilled about a photo featuring nature, but seriously, DS, have you not heard that people and dogs are spontaneously combusting outside? Ugh!

How Sam Sees It said...

We are giving up good lighting too! No pictures taken outside right now.

Nice pictures, as always!


Sheltie Times said...

I love paw cross photographs. Katy and Bailey both do it, but until them I had never seen dogs cross their paws.

Kristine said...

Very, very sweet. I tried teaching the crossed paws trick a while back but gave up when my dog just wasn't getting it. There is a long list of tricks I need to work on again. I'll have to make sure to add this one. Even if you cheated, he looks so sweet that way.

That photo of the bee and the flowers is amazing. Just, wow!

Julie said...

I love the crossed paws - my cats do it more than my dog, but on occasion we she her do it too ;) I am enjoying all of the cute golden pictures!!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

And beautifully manicured paws they are too:) The photos of Henry are lovely and soft and gentle, just like him! Frankie crosses his paws naturally and looks very elegant. Beryl will rarely do it, I think it's an accident when she does it, lol! Sometimes her legs get tangled up even when she's lying down.

Love the bee happy photo.

Kristin G. said...

Is there anything sweeter than crossed paws? That flower/bee photo is lovely too. Happy Saturday!

greygirl25 said...

Those crossed paws are so sweet.

The low contrast and crossed paws make him look so sweet.