Monday, May 30, 2011



Dog Blog Post #345: Ok... I bet you never, in a million years, would have dreamed up the picture that leads this post. Fess up. Not a million, right?

Today's Daily Shoot assignment...

Make a photograph that features metal or a metallic surface today.

... was hard because it was easy... and hard.

No, really!

It was easy because it's, well, metal. We are surrounded by metal, right? It's everywhere right? Before today I would have said, "Well, duh." And then the day dawned, and I looked around my house, and realized that metal - actual bare metal - is a rather rare.

Everything I saw was either wood, or glass, or (sigh) plastic. And even those few things that I did happen to know where metal underneath, were either painted or covered with something.

I was almost to the point of pulling labels off soup cans, when I spied one of my son's Boy Scout trophies. That's right, Boy Scouts. It has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, or bones. Go figure.


But the base is genuine metal (of some sort) and it kinda related to dogs (that's a genuine dog chew on top) and so a picture was born.

And then there's this one...

More Metal

... well... moving right along.

Monday is Memorial Day in the USA, and each year the Boy Scouts go out and put flags on the graves of those who served in the military.

Memorial Day

May all who gave all find peace.

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Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! I had to look around n check how many metals ... I see n have. Not much. There must be some PB on one of the silverware that caused the drool. Got a tasty treat post for today ... more Golden Drools. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sage said...

Love the drool! Toby & I like to help clean dishes too, so we know all about that drool stuff!

Good thinking about the Boy Scout trophy.

houndstooth said...

The drool still makes me laugh this morning! I absolutely love that picture.

I sort of had the same conundrum as you, and the place I would have liked to have gone was in the opposite direction of our outing.

I swear, if the Daily Shoot assignment tomorrow is a vista or landscape, I'll spit metal!

Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Those pictures are great, and the drool is perfect!

Tanner and Beth said...

I like to check out our dishwasher too! Mommy does not like me to though.

Don't forget to tell our Veterans "Welcome Home!" Mommy says.

Puppy Kisses,

Michelle said...

Love it! That last photo is a hoot!

greygirl25 said...

Sheesh, if I could get my guys to lay still like that... dream on, sit, stay, lay, behave. Not in a million years.

BTW, my black reflective surface you ask? It's a mirror. I just made sure that I had black fabric reflecting at camera angle. In fact, it's a mirror I cracked about six years ago.

Amber-Mae said...

Was Zach drooling in that picture? BOL!

Pup Fan said...

Both the rawhide and the dishwasher shots are so fun! I can't get over the drool in the latter. :)