Monday, May 2, 2011


Go Sharks!

Dog Blog Post #317: Yup. Culture. With dogs. Specifically, the Daily Shoot called for...

Make a photograph that illustrates an aspect of local culture today.

Something rather similar came around mid-February, while it was raining, so we did a drive by of one of my favorite old houses in a vineyard. Today's excuse for not getting "out on the town" was that everyone else was already there for some "Special Event" that created a major mess just about everywhere (and didn't allow dogs at all!)


Thankfully, as I was grumbling prodigiously about my plight, hubby chimed in with a wonderful idea that fit the bill and didn't even require leaving the house.

Go Sharks!!!

(Truth in advertising - I'm actually not a hockey fan, much preferring football and baseball as spectator sports - but the guys (2-footed variety) can think of nothing else at the moment.)

Zachary (up top) is clearly the excitable sort of fan, himself. Can't you just see his energy and enthusiasm?

While dear Henry...

Go Sharks!

... appears the stalwart sort - through thick-or-thin, he'll be there, and woe to the poor soul who says something bad about his favorite team.

This was actually an easy shoot, with the hardest part figuring out how to keep the car flags from tipping over (hint: rubber bands, a rubbermaid container, and a small towel to hide everything.

The shirt in the background is my son's current jersey (...did I mention they are Sharks fans?) and the one on the dogs is a previous jersey from many years ago (... and have been for quite some time?)

The lovely wavy blue fabric is yet another one of those patterned ultra-sheer (practically transparent) things, draped over the stretchy black fabric to keep the backboard from showing through.

Quite surprisingly, neither dog objected to wearing the shirt. I know I've put one on Zachary before, but this was a first for Henry, who was totally oblivious to it. So, while headgear is definitely iffy, shirts are OK with him!

And finally, for the (non-dog) Scavenge Challenge Picture (close up of a flower):

Golden Celebration

... and a bit further away...

Golden Celebration

... both taken outside, when the sun was just hitting the flowers but the bush and background were still shaded by the house. Obviously, a fair bit of post-production nudging of brightness was need to make the background that black!

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Zachary looks so happy, did his team win? I think Henry was cheering for the opposition:) Wonderful photos and perfect props.

Thats a gorgeous rose ... I hope it's a rose!

KB said...

It's fun to hear all the details of how you made a photo work. Love the jersey. And, the flower is exquisite. Based on your flower photo, I think that I need to learn more about photoshop - I still find it somewhat mystifying.

Sheltie Times said...

What great shots, they carry off the look with great dignity and even pride. I love the hints about how you make the photographs work.

K-Koira said...

I love the flower pictures at the bottom.

Kolchak Puggle said...

LOL, we love the hockey reference. We are solid, bleed orange and black Flyers fans at our house - but we respect your fandom since the boys look so darn handsome in blue.

houndstooth said...

I never thought about the sports angle, but it totally works for the assignment! I love that shot of Zachary.

The flower shot is beautiful! I need to figure out the trick for making the background black like that.

greygirl25 said...

Blue is definitely their color.

I'm going to have to jump into that scavenger hunt, it looks like to much fun. You rock.

Pup Fan said...

Henry's face looks like that of the loyal fan who is always disappointed by his team! Aww...