Friday, May 27, 2011

Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby

Dog Blog Post #342: The Daily Shoot assignment for today was...

Make a photograph dominated by the color blue.

And, boy, did I have problems. I set up "the set" the same way as for the Angelic Boys shoot (2 feet further from the window, and angled away so I could back up an extra 4 to 5 feet), popped on the overhead light from the ceiling fan and the floor lamp, and started shooting away...

... and they were coming out orange. Sickly orange. Not even the pretty pumpkin orange from when I left Sunset mode on. This was a nasty yellow orange that made even Zachary look unwell.

And it wasn't even consistent. Sometimes it look OK...

Blue Jean Baby

... and sometimes not, and I kept shifting modes, and fiddling with dials, and saying words that my mom would not have been pleased to hear, and then panic set in (as in, "Acckkkk!!! I permanently broke Baby!!!") so I hit the Armageddon Reset Button, and even that didn't help, and while I did get a few more that were ok...

Blue Jean Baby

... most were a total write off (including all the shots of Zachary).

Later, after I had taken every thing down, and my brain had rebooted, I realized that Baby must have been picking up on the (yellow) incandescent floor lamp lighting. It seemed inconsistent as it got worse the close I got to the lamp (backing away from the dogs) and better as I moved forward, but because I was using the zoom lens, things were seeming relatively the same from my point of view.

I probably hadn't noticed the effect before today, as there was usually more light coming in through the window, but today was quite overcast. That, and the fact I had more room meant I could back up further and get closer to the lamp.

So, the upshot is, for the Discovery of the Obvious Award: The color of your lighting effects the color of your pictures.


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greygirl25 said...

Denim is a great color for goldens.

Do you have an automatic white balance on your camera? Sometimes that helps. Ever so frustrating, I know. I have had whole basketball games in some sort of color hell because I couldn't figure which white balance I needed.

Amber-Mae said...

That jean sure makes a nice pillow. Do you know what function Melissa should use to be able to take pictures in the dark? She tried taking a picture of us ion the car last evening. She used the No-Flash function but it had trouble focusing & when she snapped a picture, the picture was bright & very blurry.

Cherie K. Miller said...

Thank you for letting us see these great pictures!

Stopping by on today's blog hop - go see my video today called "The Bad Dog Blues." Love to have your comments!

sam said...

Hi, Sam here from the blog hop! Wow! I think the shots you have here look pretty darn wonderful!

Hawk aka BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all,

My Human sends her sympathy regarding your lighting problems. Exposure gets to be a major problem when she's taking outdoor pics, which is most of them.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Don't you just love the way a Golden looks on denim? We have a denim couch and Tanner always looks great on it!

Hope you have time to enter the Organix dog food giveaway:

Sage said...

I agree--exposure can be a big problem. I get much better action shots outside in bright light than I ever can indoors. The shots on your post, though, are adorable!

Michelle said...

Here from the hop! I giggled when I read this, as I can totally relate! For what it's worth, I think the photos are adorable.