Friday, May 6, 2011



Dog Blog Post #321: Well, after yesterday's feats of derring-do, today's post will seem downright boring!

That said, the show must go on, and the Daily Shoot must be, well, shot?

Illustrate randomness in a photograph today.

There are actually lots of things I could have done here. Last time something like this came up, I went with (yet another) feat of derring-do (does anyone else think that expression rather silly?)...

ds481 - Randomness

... but really, how many days in row can you look at pictures of Zachary not eating food.

(As a note to those who might have missed yesterday's post... a behind the scenes video of said shoot is still available from a YouTube channel (bzfischer) near you - or by going back a day and watching it imbedded in yesterday's post.)

I considered just taking a picture of the dogs lying in the middle of the living room, which, at the moment, is covered in the shredded remains of several 12-pack soda boxes, a large dog treat box of some form (unrecognizable), two paper towel tubes (in pieces), and at least one ripped up paper bag.

(If that paper carnage isn't random, I don't know what is.)

But I think we all needed a break and some time outside, in the sun, with the hose.


(I just love how their whiskers come forward to "meet" the water!)

And that's about all I can say about that. Action shots usually aren't my point-n-shoot's "thing", but I have to admit thinking the picture below (sadly minus any dogs) came out pretty nice...


Oh, and for the (non-dog) Scavenge Challenge item, we have #4 - "Antiquities - something older than you are, you old goat!"

Something Old

As I noted in my comments on flickr:

"My dad gave these to me before I went off to college. They are definitely older than I am, probably dating from 50's when he was a pilot flying P2V's (P2 Neptune) for the Navy."

I also noted that I wasn't impressed with my lighting, and will probably try again.

... and just for kicks, a flower shot - this one of the rose "Abraham Darby"...

Abraham Darby

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Amber-Mae said...

Love those water shots! Your pocket camera is really not bad. It takes really good, sharp pictures. I think it's actually better than my DSLR camera!

houndstooth said...

I loved your water shots yesterday! I'm mulling over what I want to do with today's shadow assignment. Fortunately, it's sunny out here today for a change!

I am loving that flower shot, too!

Oh, and yes, Mr. Taleteller was hiding behind the rock! lol

K-Koira said...

I always love pictures of moving water. Something in them manages to speak to me.

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Absolutely amazing photography!! At least that's what mom said.