Friday, May 6, 2011

Lost in the Shadows

Super Sniffer

Dog Blog Post #322: Remember just last week when I wrote, "way too many shadows"?

Yup, the Daily Shoot has done it to me again...

Make a photo dominated by shadows today.

... and they even said dominated this time.


So after I pounded my head on the wall a few times and cursed the gods of photography, I started thinking... dogs... shadows... dappled-light... camo-patterns! So out into the yard, found some dappled light, and blew 30-40 shots of light and shadow dancing across sitting, standing, wagging, pairs and singles of dogs...

... and the best of the best look something like this...




Ok fine, I'll spare you "next", "next", and the "next" after that. But the "next" after that one wasn't half bad...


... and so that's the one I picked. Fern frond shadows on Henry.

(I sure hope they remove this assignment from the hopper for awhile!)

The Missing Skill of the Day? Henry remains a camera hog, and as an added bonus, he forgot what "Stay" meant. Totally slipped his mind, as he kept getting up and nuzzling me for cookies. Ah, teenagers - always looking for a handout but never doing what you asked! :)

I actually wanted "Fern frond shadows on Zachary", as his coloring looked better the light I had (a bit deeper and richer) but noooo, Mr. Henry McGreedy had to keep cutting in between my camera and Zachary. Something more to work on, I suppose.

And finally, the (non-dog) Scavenger Challenge item #8 - "Dimpled surface - rain on the water, bubblewrap, at the corner of a smile."


... the "dog version" is at the top of this post. :)

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24 Paws of Love said...

Love the fern shadow! Very cool!

Ruth said...

Love that nose shot!

houndstooth said...

Holy crap! I saw that fern shadow picture and totally missed that it was you! I loved it, but I didn't recognize the tell-tale Henry fur. I think yours turned out way better than mine. I do like the one of the two of them together, too! I liked this assignment, and I wouldn't mind seeing it come back on a sunny Saturday.

I don't think there's any recovering from camera hogitis!

Amber-Mae said...

I like the 2nd picture. It almost looked like they two were about to kiss. How romantic...TEE HEE

Kolchak Puggle said...

That fern shot is GORGEOUS! I really really love it! Way to turn a bad assignment good!

Sheltie Times said...

The nose shot was amazing. I also loved the choice of the fern shadow. You may not always like your assignments, but you make the most of them.