Sunday, May 15, 2011



Dog Blog Post #329: Bad day for the Daily Shoot...

Make a photograph using hard light today.

... made nearly impossible as there was almost no sun to be had today. I was just starting to make battle plans (big flash light, Coleman lantern, find a dark corner of the house...) When the sun peaked out for a micro-second, and I rushed into the kitchen and snapped a picture of the nearest dog (see top of post.)


Note to self: It's much easier to "rush" with the point-n-shoot than "rush" with Baby, who lives in a special case, with a lens cap, and fancy hood that you have to (at a minimum) unscrew (as it's stored on backwards (on purpose) so it will fit in the case. If you actually want the hood (say, to keep dog noses at least a few inches away from your $800 lens) then you need to screw it back on the right way, as well.) Then, and only then, can you turn it on, fiddle with the auto-focus mode, and dink with any other settings that might fit the moment, which, by this point. probably isn't the moment you set out to take a picture when you started. Not that I'm complaining, because the moment you do capture will undoubtedly look far better than if you had just whipped out the point-n-shoot and snapped the shot you were staring at in the first place. Actually, given the lag between pushing the button on the point-n-shoot and it actually taking the picture, you might end up with the some moment either way!


I did slip outside with the boys a bit later, and while I was throwing the Lacrosse ball for Zachary, Henry somehow managed to drop one in the pond.

Below is Zachary's reaction to this traumatic event...

Save It!


Where's Ball?

Thanks, Mom!

... and as a change from Lavender, how about a Japanese Maple...

Japanese Maple

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Your photos make me smile and your writing makes me LOL! It would be interesting to grab a stop watch and actually check if there is any time difference between taking a photo from scratch with the DSLR and P & S cameras:)

Wyatt said...

I try to jump back and forth with 2 different cameras...trying to get a different result. I usually just make myself crazy and end up with just MORE mediocre pics!
You got some great ones today :)

Wyatt's Mom

Jan said...

Great quality, wonderful willing subjects, intense color saturation. Very nice. I can rachet the concept of "rushing" to photograph: try a border collie! Very enjoyable site and posts!

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I have to laugh, because I feel the same way sometimes, but I love the results!

Those pictures of Zachary at the pond -- definite calendar shots!

Pup Fan said...

Great point about the DSLR... it's definitely more of a process to get ready for a photo than it was with the point and shoot! But they're worth it, I think. :)

greygirl25 said...

Love the first photo, so sweet.

Yup, welcome to my world.