Friday, May 20, 2011

High Contrast


Dog Blog Post #335: The good news is that the sun was out all day, making it a perfect day for the Daily Shoot assignment of:

Make a high contrast photograph today.

The bad news is that my time with the sun + camera + dogs was interrupted early, and I was able to return to the task until after dinner.

Thankfully, the sun was still shining, albeit a "yellow" late afternoon sun, and we had to be indoors as the yard is completely shaded by then.

I was, once again, conflicted about the picture to choose. The one I felt best captured the idea of "High Contrast" is shown at the top of the post. It's been slightly cropped, slightly sharpened, but basically what the camera took. I liked how little of the picture my subject matter (Henry's rear paws) actually took up. I don't know what I liked that, but I did.

My other choice was below...


But I felt it wasn't as good an example of "High Contrast" nor even as compelling a picture, although it is certainly a cuter shot (head vs. feet? No contest!)

The hardest part about getting these shots was trying to get the boys into the small pools of sunlight. Due to furniture shadows and window framing, all too many shots came out like this one...


... of Henry trying (unsuccessfully) to beg the Lacrosse Ball from Zachary. The fact there were three others in plain sight was clearly irrelevant.

Editor's Note #1: Thanks for the suggestions - will give Sports Mode a try!

Editor's Note #2: Yes, I was very close taking yesterday's shots - within inches, in fact. Sometimes when I get that close I have switch to manual focus, but usually I can nudge the focus ring and shift my own location a bit until my subject appears sharp and auto-focus will take my word for it. :)

And finally, yet another shot of Abraham Darby. :)

Abraham Darby

... far to manly a name for such a feminine rose, IMHO! While I like the backlighting, color, bokeh (blurry background) and contrast, I wish the rose itself was a tad more vertical. Ah well, can't have everything. :)

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Amber-Mae said...

I love the 2nd picture of Henry & that ball.!

houndstooth said...

I love the picture of Henry and the ball, but you may be right about the other one being better for the assignment.

I still love that rose! I have a spot that needs to be filled in the garden -- I may have to look for one of those.

We are going out to a movie tonight, but I have the wall I want to shoot at all picked out already! lol I've been wanting to do a picture of one of the girls there for a while, and this is the motivator I need. I'll just have to really hurry to get home, get dog and camera, get over to the next town, and get back! No worries! Too bad I can't just reuse the bicycle shot. That wall is just up the street! :P

HoundDogMom said...

Just love these pictures. I have been following the daily shoot on your blog and Houndstooth. I am just learning about my camera and what it can do. I maybe have to pawticipate in something like this to get some tips from fellow bloggers.

Also, you left a comment on our easter egg hunt post. The plastic eggs are pretty soft and actually pop right open with a slight bite. They are then interested in the treat so they leave the egg alone. We have used these eggs for 2 years.

Pup Fan said...

Great photos!!

Unknown said...

Love the pictures and I like the second picture of Henry and the ball.
I've been learning how to do contrast in photography but somehow I fail all the time. I guess I need to practise more :)