Monday, May 16, 2011


Strong Line

Dog Blog Post #329: Oops... fell asleep on the sofa again, and without even having any pictures sorted through except what I uploaded for the Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph with a strong line that leads the eye through the image.

Ugh. This is was an easy assignment, where I (once again) took it way to literally and ended up hating the picture I chose. The picture at the top of the post is the picture I should have picked. While you might quibble if it has a line, I view the line created by the top of Henry's head to be a line, and it's a strong one, and it leads to Zachary, and I love it.

The next picture I could have picked is the one below...

Strong Line

... nice line from Zachary's tail up to his head, leading to Henry. Alas, the picture I chose is this one...

Strong Line

... a heavily posed, uninteresting shot with little to go for it except, well, a line.

When will I learn to forget the assignment once the pictures are shot and go with the one I like best??? Arg!

(On an all too infrequent training note (at least of late) the above shot does show the two boys facing one another - a pose that is surprisingly difficult for me to get, although they are getting better at it. We'll call that the Found Skill of the Day and at least pull some good out of the shot!)

As for Baby, today I worked with ISO and Shutter Speed. I sat on the floor along the longest axes of the house, and tossed the ball to Zachary. Zachary would race to get it, try to bring it back, get mugged by Henry, causing a lively game of bitey-face to occur. Eventually, a few to many minutes later, the game would wind down and one or the other would actually bring me the ball.


Lather, rinse, repeat.

The point of the exercise (for me) was to get a non-pressured chance to fiddle with ISO/Shutter Speed/Focal Length/lighting and see how it all fits together. Do I get it? Sort of... but given the low light of the room (partly due to the gloomy conditions outside) I could only do so much.

Ah well, it grows late, and I'm weary, so the rest will have to wait until the morrow.

And finally, yet another flower picture...

Abraham Darby

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

While I don't hate the picture you chose I certainly agree that you should have used the top photo. There's something magical about it, to me anyway. Baby is doing good!

Sheltie Times said...

They all are amazing shots. Those guys are getting to be quite the models.

Sophie said...

The photo you chose wasn't bad at all, but that top one is absolutely stunning. I love the bitey face picture, too.

Anonymous said...

That first picture is awesome! I can definitely see the line in that one. I do like the one you chose too though.

And that flower picture is beautiful!

Elyse and Riley

tanner & beth said...

Mommy and I agree. The first picture is pawsome! Posed shots are... well, boring. It is the special ones like that which catch my eye.

Looks like you and baby are doing well together.

Puppy Kisses,

houndstooth said...

I'm so envious that you even have those roses to take pictures of! I'm afraid we never will!

I love the bitey face picture, and I think you're right, you should go with your gut!

Before I forget, a friend recommended this to us on Twitter, and I thought you'd really like the site!

Pup Fan said...

I still need to do some more work on my ISO/shutter speed training as well. So much to learn!

Kristin G. said...

That rose, WOW!