Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wild Things




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Photography Assignment

  • Our Daily Challenge - Aug 10, 2012 - "On the Wild Side"
  • Daily Dog Challenge "284. Take Five -Take five photos of your dog, only five, and post the one you think is the best! No cheating!"

The Plan

Bitey-face is about as Wild as these guys get, and since I was only going to be taking five shots, it just didn't seem worth it to drag out The Set.


The only problem was Henry photobombing his own shoot on the very first shot, hence there only being four shots.

The boys began their after dinner play session right on schedule and I was done in minutes.

I would have picked the shot below (#5 of 5) as my favorite, if only it were a tad less fuzzy. Oh well, the picture up top (#4 of 5) worked for me, too. :)


Editor's Note: Glad folks enjoyed Linda's interview of me over on Alfie's Blog!

After reading it, Miss Kodee flickrmailed asking for a bit more info about setting up the backdrop.

So - below is a drawing that may (or may not) clarify things.

(I know, a photographer explaining with a drawing. Oh, the irony!)

Keep in mind that I have to double up on the backboards to extend their height as my boys are just about the same height as a single board. Clearly, this wouldn't be a problem with a Cavalier! That said, having them double does create additional stiffness/stability - a good thing if your fabric is going to be heavy.

Having two also gives me the option of clipping them side-by-side, overlapping by one side-panel width, for a wider backboard. In that case I raise them both up by clipping them to a straightened out ex-pen to get the necessary height. It works, but it's a bit rickety!

Finally, when done, the whole thing unclips in seconds, folds up, and can be slipped into the narrowest of gaps behind a bookcase.

(click on image to view a larger version)
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Sue and Doug said...

wild animals indeed!!..the old bitey face golden fight!

Sage said...

Love seeing those smiles on their faces!!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Well thank you - your little drawing did indeed help to clear things up! Off to the teacher supply store then for me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Henry, Hey Zachary, Jet here. Hi Miss Kathleen. (We learned your name from your Alfie interview!)

Of course, we love the bitey face pics, we play that game too.

However, we must compliment Miss Kathleen even more than usual for her precise, helpful, and fascinating interview. Mom read aloud every word for us.

Wish we could stop by for a tutorial, Mom uses her iPhone thingie, which clearly cannot enhance our handsomeness/beauty!