Monday, August 13, 2012


Dinner Date
"Hey Mom, can Penguin join us for dinner?"

Dinner Date
"It will be a formal attire, of course... "

Dinner Date
"... I can see you're already dressed!"

Dog Blog Post #778

Photography Assignment

  • Daily Dog Challenge 286. Elegance - Illustrate your definition of elegance with a photo today!
  • Our Daily Challenge - Aug. 12, 2012 - Delicate

Zachary in a tux works for me for Elegance, but Delicate?


The Rose?

The Penguin's balance on the iceberg?

A Tux made from felt, spare buttons, a bit of glue, and scotch tape?

… yeah, probably a bit of a stretch on all counts.

The Plan

Meet the newest addition to our stuffed animal menagerie. This little fellow comes from Kohls - a $5 special that just couldn't resist hoping into my basket.

The plan was to use Zachary's Tux and Mr. (Miss?) Penguin to create "Elegance", along with a storage box with a few extra containers on top draped in white fabric for an iceberg, a "delicate" rose, and a problematic blue fabric for the icy-cool backdrop.

The Problems

1. This fabric just doesn't seem to do well under my lights, or possibly in combination with the boys fur, and usually causes me White Balance nightmares.

2. I was trying to figure out why my crayon shots (taken earlier in the day - I'll post tomorrow) weren't as focused as I thought they ought be.

The Solution

1. As I shoot raw, this is a post-production problem. However, I was pleased to see that my recent toe-dipping into histogram analysis for white balance... er... balancing seems to be helping things. That is, I was able to get something that approximated reality without using too many bad words.

2. I was fiddling with the Nikon d7000's AF Fine Tuning feature - one of those bells and whistles that one should never have to (or, if you believe the manual, should just plain never) fiddle with. Seems to have helped, though. I find these pictures to be pleasantly sharp.

Monday Mischief

Dinner Date
"Mmmm... Penguin. For dinner."

Dinner Date


Editor's Note:

CORRECTION: Oh dear, there appears to have been a transcription error.

It seems Henry actually said, "Marvelous, Penguin joining us for dinner!"

The editorial staff wishes to express their sincerest apologies to Master Henry for their error, and hopes his lawyer will now run along and find someone else to pester.

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How Sam Sees It said...

BOL - too funny! Lately when I do photo shoots with Sam, Monty sneaks up behind me and steals stuff. Usually the treats, but sometimes he takes off with the props too!


Tanner and Beth said...

Penguin for dinner? Does it taste like stuffed chicken?

Foggy kisses

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, I love it, and you gave me a great Monday morning giggle! I adore that penguin. I might have to look in at Kohl's... I think you need to give us a tutorial on how you made that tux!

Sue and Doug said...

very cute!!..and 'houndsome' in his 'tux'!

What Remains Now said...

Love these photos. The blue just makes everything pop.

Colby said...

Looking good in your formal attire Henry! I think I need to get my pups tuxedos for our formal occasions.