Sunday, August 12, 2012

Works of Art

Works of Art

Boys, what happened to the orange crayon?

Works of Art

Works of Art

Dog Blog Post #777

Photography Assignment

For today's challenge of…

Daily Dog Challenge "285. Works of Art"

… I set out an…

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 11, 2012 - "Open"

… box of...

Scavenge Challenge Aug 2012 - "2. Photograph colored pencils or crayons in a creative way."

… for the boys and asked them to draw a picture of their favorite thing in the world.

Can't say I'm surprised by what they picked, can you?

Editor's Note: Last day for the Olympics - wow, what a glorious time-sink it has been. I've watched some sports I never knew were sports (Trampoline, anyone?) and seen wondrous feats of strength, agility, and courage. 

To think of the years they have devoted to their sport, countless hours of training and preparation, and to have it all come down to a few seconds or fractions of an inch.


Would that I could muster even a fraction of their dedication for my own endeavors.

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Sue and Doug said...

orange is my favorite colour!..nice post and great artwork boys!

KB said...

Your boys are such amazing models. Where did the orange crayon go?

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I bet mama hid the orange crayon so that the dreaded orange assignment would never appear!