Friday, August 3, 2012

And More Olympics

Watching the Olympics
"Oh boy, the Olympics are on! There's running and swimming and jumping and..."

Watching the Olympics
"... and soccer and volleyball and badminton..."

Olympic Glaze
"... and ping pong and cycling and trampoline..."
Too Much Olympics

Dog Blog Post #767

Short form:

Daily Dog Challenge "276. In Black and White - Take a black and white photo of your dog today. Feel free to take creative liberties!"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 2, 2012 - "Black and White or Sepia"

Olympic Daze
Henry's waiting for Sleeping to become and Olympic sport.

Editor's Note: Trampoline?

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houndstooth said...

That very first shot is just fantastic! I love their happy faces. Those black and white shots are stunners, too!

Sage said...

Love the black & whites! Looks like all that Olympic activity is a good sleep inducer.

Amy said...

I love black and white! Have to say that Henry looks like how I feel. Any advice on choosing a simple camera? Mine has died (maybe sand in Hawaii last week?)If so, thanks...