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Dog Blog Post #795

I took exactly one picture today. Well, two, if you count the first one where I forgot to turn on the Speedlight and the picture came out pure black. :)

Photography Assignment

Can there be any more…

Daily Dog Challenge "304. Silliness"

… than a pair of goofy goldens playing bitey-face...

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 30, 2012 - "Inside"


I think not!

End of the Month

I typically don't post each Scavenge Challenge shot here unless the boys are in it, but how about the Mosaic for the month? If anything trips your trigger the links are below the picture, and below that is the description of each challenge.

Scavenge Challenge August 2012

1. Instruments, 2. Works of Art, 3. The Boys and a Friend, 4. No Dumping, 5. Stay, 6. Rings on her Fingers

7. Masquerade, 8. Downtown, 9. Honey, 10. Henry's Tail, 11. Now?, 12. Stop Light

13. Martha Stewart, 14. Cup of Tea, 15. Rose Leaf, 16. Time, 17. Time for Banana Bread, 18. Mars Curiosity Coin

19. Putto, 20. DIY Dog Tuxedo - Part 1/6, 21. DIY Dog Tuxedo - Part 2/6, 22. DIY Dog Tuxedo - Part 3/6, 23. DIY Dog Tuxedo - Part 4/6, 24. DIY Dog Tuxedo - Part 5/6,

25. DIY Dog Tuxedo - Part 6/6, 26. Sharp Dressed Dogs, 27. Fruit of the Agapanthus, 28. Cup of Tea, 29. Sit Henry Sit, 30. Crayons

Note: 27-30 are "spares"


1. Instrument panels may be found in your car (too easy), planes, radio/tv stations, etc.
2. Photograph colored pencils or crayons in a creative way. No pens or markers, please.
3. Cute Critter of the Month: marine mammals (whales, dolphins, porpoises)
4. The theme is protecting wildlife. Show an example of wildlife conservation in your area.
5. Capture someone (even yourself) seated outdoors on a bench, chair, log or rock.
6. A huge ice cream cone, an enormous cow, a gigantic boot - find something "larger than life!"
7. Find or manufacture a mask (be artistic!) and pose yourself or a friend wearing it.
8. "Downtown" may signify skyscrapers or the local country store. Show us a downtown scene.
9. From cheese to beer, soaps to vinegars, feature an artisanal product from your region.
10. Tails are the subject (absolutely NO vulgarity or crude humour here, please!)
11. Create an image which provides the viewer with a sense of anticipation or anxiety.
12. Make a signal light (stoplight, train crossing, etc.) the main subject of a photo.
14. Think of someone (living or dead) whom you admire but have not met in real life. Without using an image of that person as a major prop, create a photograph which relates to them and why you hold them in esteem.
13. It's time to take a coffee/tea break! Make us feel comfortable with a hot beverage.
15. Closeup - A leaf, using black and white
16. Closeup - A piece of jewelry
17. Closeup - A vegetable or fruit
18. Closeup - Coins
19. Closeup - Detail in a sculpture or carving of a human face
20-23 (or 25). Your mission for August is to create a series of FOUR TO SIX (4-6) instructional photographs, a "how-to" explanation of the steps involved in a skill. The subject matter must be covered in a thorough manner so that someone unacquainted with the technique could learn the process from the images.

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How Sam Sees It said...

We love the silliness!


houndstooth said...

The boys are the kings of silliness, I think!