Thursday, August 2, 2012



All in a Row
"How about now?"

All in a Row

All in a Row
drool... drool... drool...

Dog Blog Post #767

Short form:

Daily Dog Challenge "275. Use Your Light" Use lighting in a creative and purposeful way today to make a picture."

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 1, 2012 - "In Order"

Kinda drew a blank on this one.

I think these late Olympic nights and hot days are getting the better of my brain.

Scavenge Challenge August 2012 - "11. Create an image which provides the viewer with a sense of anticipation or anxiety."

But I'm pretty sure Henry does a good job on this part. :)

Editor's Note: If I survive the heat wave and can figure out how to get everything done that I usually do PLUS spend three hours watching Olympic coverage, it will be a miracle. I'm even DVRing it and zipping through the commercials (which is why it's three hours instead of four.)

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houndstooth said...

I keep thinking those treats look like little gold bars lined up there on his placemat! You did a much better job of "in order" than I did. :P

Sage said...

Love the look in Henry's eyes in the last shot! It's like: 'Will you hurry up and release me?'