Tuesday, August 21, 2012

500 Poses




Dog Blog Post #785

Editor's Note: I once saw a book that touted 500 poses for high school seniors.


I'm pretty sure that number included very similar poses with very dissimilar props, but it's still an impressive number.

Just thinking about it, and seeing today's pictures, makes we wonder yet again just how many poses - attractive poses - you can get your dog into.

I'm betting it's an even big number, and I'm also thinking I've come no where close to reaching it in all the thousands of pictures I've shot.

How sad.

Must work harder on that one.

Photography Assignment

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  • Daily Dog Challenge "294. In Black and White"

The Plan

I was thinking something light and airy and Henry, as he's my go-to guy for that sort of thing.

The Problems

None to speak of.

Even the polar bear was cooperative.

The only oddity was when I looked at the shots I realized that Zachary was clearly the star of the shoot. No knock on Henry, who was looking as soft as ever, but Zachary had that special sparkle in his eyes.

The Solution

Well, Duh.

I choose a Zachary picture, and then spent way more time fiddling with sliders than I spent on shooting,  and while I like what I got, I actually like the full color versions better...



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How Sam Sees It said...

I'm not sure I even want to guess on some of those poses! Yikes!


houndstooth said...

I liked my color versions better, too! Darn it all! :P I think your shots turned out really nicely, though! :)