Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cup of Tea?

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

Dog Blog Post #781

Running really late tonight, so just the...

Short Form

Daily Dog Challenge "289. Extraordinarily Ordinary"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 15, 2012 - "Serenity"

Scavenge Challenge August 2012 - "13. It's time to take a coffee/tea break! Make us feel comfortable with a hot beverage."

Cup of Tea

Will get you the instructions to go with the pictures of the DIY Dog Tuxedo. Promise!

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Tanner and Beth said...

I think the cookies look yummy! Hope you got to eat them.

Doggy kisses

Anonymous said...

I love your photos so much! Found your blog less than a week ago and I already look forward to it as a bright spot in my day.

Sue and Doug said...

a spot of tea?...nothing like 'tea and cookies' in the afternoon!

houndstooth said...

I'm melting over all of those pictures! The boys look so sweet in every one. I just want to curl up there under that blanket with them!