Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Dog Blog Post #346: I knew exactly what I wanted to capture for today's Daily Shoot as soon as I read the description...

Illustrate attraction in a photograph today.

In some ways, it's a total cop out. I mean, on any given day, I could shoot dozens of shots that look just like this. Henry is hardly ever without some article of laundry in his mouth. Sometimes he raids the clean laundry pile, if I haven't folded it yet, but mostly he's carrying the Sacrificial Socks (like this one) around.

They say you should never give your dog something, as a toy, that is like something you don't want them playing with. And on the whole, I agree with that. They certainly are not allowed to play with shoes, of any age or condition.

But a retriever and socks?


I am challenged to think how I would keep them apart, even if I wanted to! Socks have a way of ending up on the floor, and a sock on the floor is a certain retriever magnet.

And so, we humor the boys and try to keep enough old socks lying about so the "good ones" stay safe.

Besides... look at that face. How could you deny him?

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Amber-Mae said...

I bet that sock has a very nice fragrance to it! TEE HEE

Sheltie Times said...

My Mom and I both use old socks as dog toys and oddly we have never had laundry thefts. I am not sure why, but the socks are hugely popular with her shnauzer and our shelties.

Unknown said...

I totally understand you. Eva LOVES her socks too. We leave one lying around that is old and it always ends up somewhere around the house!

Boondocks said...

They are soft and perfect for our pallet. I love carrying them in my mouth!


houndstooth said...

We all have to have a vice or two to enjoy! He just looks so angelic with those socks, too!

Ugh! Orange?! Are they kidding? I own NOTHING that is orange!

fromsophiesview said...


Pup Fan said...

Perfect choice... I love it!

greygirl25 said...

You couldn't possibly deny him a sock. Wasn't there a movie, "Socks are a Golden's Best Friend"?

He is so cute.