Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Praying For Cookies
Henry, praying for Cookies.

Balancing Cookies
Balancing Act

Not sure that's quite what Henry was thinking.

Dog Blog Post #2173

Henry, balancing a Stack of Cookies on his nose.

The Cookies are all the Same But Different in color.

He actually managed to balance six, but I didn't have the camera aimed high enough and I chopped the top off the sixth Cookie.

The number of Cookies Henry can balance on his nose is entirely dependent on how flat the Cookies are (answer: not very) and how good I am at stacking (answer: not very).

Henry himself is a rock.

The observant will note that I rarely take a picture like that of Zachary - and I didn't, tonight, either.

Zachary has many strengths, but holding completely still isn't one of them so I usually don't even try.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - June 8, 2016 - "Stack"

Daily Dog Challenge 1682. "Same But Different"

Waiting for Cookies
Zachary, waiting for the UPS delivery

Blessed with Cookies
Zachary: "Score!"

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