Monday, June 20, 2016

Strawberry Moon


Strawberry Moon
Spectral Zachary...

Strawberry Moon
... "striding" across my 8 foot studio (kitchen)

Dog Blog Post #2185

The spectral hound taking a midnight Walk under the Strawberry Moon.

Photography Assignment

My "studio" (Kitchen) is ~8' across, from fridge to sink.

I have no idea how long the boys are, but I'll guess 5-6' from tip of nose to tip of tail.

That doesn't leave much room to get a picture of a full-grown Golden Retriever walking!

I started the boys sitting, facing the camera, on the far left. I then called them to me as I clicked the remote to start the one second exposure.

I took Henry's first (as always) and found that when I captured him looking somewhat normal - with a level back - he was running out of room before the exposure finished, leaving him... well... headless. :(

Shortening the exposure wasn't an option, as that lost the ghostliness.

With Zachary's shots, I started the shots a bit earlier.

This gave a better capture of his head (it was in the frame!) but showed a ghostly impression of his former sitting position as well a very curved back, since he was still "getting going" when the flash fired at the very end of the exposure.

Guess Hubby is going to need to build me a bigger kitchen. :)

Note: A few sliders might have been pushed to move the image out of the yellow end of the spectrum and into more strawberry tones.

Strawberry Moon
Henry... taken too soon

Strawberry Moon
Henry... taken too late

Strawberry Moon
Henry... leaving the building

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