Friday, June 3, 2016

Henry's Fan

Henry's Fan
Henry: "Hot!!!"

Henry's Fan
Zachary enjoying the breeze

Henry's Fan
Wow, that fan is really blowing hard!

Henry's Fan
Zachary enjoying the breeze in his ruff

Dog Blog Post #2168

Photography Assignment

First triple digits of the summer and Henry is seriously unimpressed.

This is Henry's fan.

Yes, HIS fan, purchased just for him.

It normally sits on the floor behind an ex-pen and runs non-stop from late spring until Christmas, when it must give way for the Christmas Tree.

Yes, we have air conditioning.

Yes, we use it liberally.

Alas, the pup melts when temps get much over 60F.

So on goes the fan, and Henry will spend the next 6-7 months laying on his back about a foot way from it, with all four paws in the air, and a most contented look on his furry face.

Mercifully, temps should drop back to the high 80's soon... at least for a little while longer.

Our Daily Challenge - June 3, 2016 - "State of Mind"

Daily Dog Challenge 1677. "So Emotional"

Henry's Fan
Henry: "Ready for winter now, Momma!"

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Furries said...

Fantastic photos. I like the movement in their fur and the one where Henry's ears are up in the breeze. Is the fan blowing that hard or was he in the process of laying down?

BZ Dogs said...

He was actually (missing) a Cookie - which I sneakily cloned out of the picture :)